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Alegro Portugal

New games in the Alegro Portugal centers (Nhood)!

Olá Portugal! There is something new to entertain children in the Alegro Portugal (Nhood) shopping centers. Thanks to Kylii Kids Spain, Portuguese children will be able to play with Kylii Kids’ interactive  games, a perfect solution to attract families! Children have fun while shopping and parents are more relaxed.

What interactive games are available in Alegro Portugal centers?

In all three centers, one or more virtual reality towers allow visitors to explore imaginary worlds. All they have to do is look through the Kylii View binoculars. The child discovers an immersive game world in which they can travel, interact and imagine themselves as the hero of extraordinary adventures!

Alegro Portugal 2

In the Alegro Setubal shopping center, there is an interactive wall, sort of window to another world! A life-size game in which children interact with their fingertips…

In the Alegro Montijo shopping center, children can discover an augmented reality totem. An interactive game that turns a simple screen into a magic mirror with which children play with their body movements.

And finally, in the Alegro Sintra shopping center, there is an interactive floor. A box fixed to the ceiling transforms the floor into an interactive playground, where children can run, play, move and have fun together!

Alegro Portugal 4

About Nhood

Nhood is a new real estate solutions platform for mixed-use projects, owned by the Association Familiale Mulliez (AFM), which operates in urban real estate regeneration with a triple positive impact: social, environmental, economic (People, Planet, Revenue). Its expertise includes the development, operation and marketing of mixed-use assets, asset management, development and promotion.

Nhood brings together the know-how of 1029 experts in 10 European countries to regenerate and sustainably transform an initial portfolio of nearly 300 retail spaces, 30,000 homes and 40 development projects. In Portugal, Nhood manages over €700 million of assets.

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nouveau concept flunch

Hopopop ! The new flunch concept with interactive games!

It’s because flunch has been reinventing itself for years that it is regularly voted the favourite restaurant of families in France! And to continue to capture the hearts of the French people, the restaurant chain recently revised its concept. And the result? A new flunch concept that is more modern, more adapted to the expectations of families and also… more fun with new interactive Kylii Kids games for children 🙂

Hopopop, a new intergenerational flunch concept accessible to all!

Flunch is rolling out its new concept on the Roncq site, the 2nd historical flunch, which reopened its doors at the beginning of April. Brighter, the new flunch is moving away from the self-service cafeteria to the “food court” with several kitchen areas: trattoria, grill, plancha, burgers, galettes, bistro and Asia.

In addition to the culinary renewal, the restaurant is transformed into a real place of entertainment with :

  • – A bar at the entrance for the grown-ups but also to drink your coffee
  • – Themed cubes for families and groups (jungle, bathroom, pirate ship…)
  • – A games area for teenagers (baby basketball, air hockey, pinball machine, etc.)
  • – And finally, a play area for children with a tubular structure and new interactive games by Kylii Kids!

nouveau concept flunch 2

A new flunch with interactive games for kids!

What if we reinvented the experience in flunch playgrounds? This was one of the missions of Prisca Galvez-Behar – Brand Manager – Partnerships and Family Experience at flunch:

“We decided to implement new physical and digital experiences. And above all, multi-player, intergenerational experiences that encourage exchange. Content was also important to us. The Kylii Kids games are fun and the themes are intelligent. ”

In the new flunch concept, children become actors of an immersive experience with the interactive wall. They discover, play, marvel and share a unique and amazing experience! The interactive wall is a simple white wall, which is transformed into a giant play area and above all… tactile, without a screen!

A second experience is available for children to share a convivial moment and it is the touch table. A collaborative game that can accommodate up to 6 players simultaneously! A new interactive activity to play together, make new friends or have fun with your parents.

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