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Ville 2 Charleroi Espace Enfants Interactif

Head for Ville 2 in Charleroi to discover their new Kylii Kids’ area!

Tomorrow is St Nicholas Day, and at Kylii Kids we have a special thought for our Belgian friends, for whom this tradition is very popular! For last-minute gifts and fun with Kylii Kids interactive games, we’re heading to Belgium, and more specifically to Charleroi in the Ville 2 shopping center!

An interactive journey with the Kylii Wall

Imagine exploring exciting virtual worlds with a simple wave of the hand. Well, that’s exactly what the interactive Kylii Wall offers! Located in the kids corner, families can now go on adventures without leaving the mall. Magical, isn’t it?

A shared touch experience with the Kylii Touch Table

The Kylii Touch Table is at the center of this new kids area. Children share an exciting tactile experience alone or with their families. What’s more, the Kylii Touch Table’s play themes are varied, with a regularly renewed catalog. Action, creativity, reflection, it’s all there!

Relaxation for the grown-ups, games for the little ones

We know that parents also deserve a well-deserved break after St Nicholas or Christmas shopping! That’s why the mall has provided comfortable seating to create a relaxing area around the Ville 2 children’s area. This way, the older children can relax while the younger ones enjoy themselves.

Have you met Elo the Robot 🙂

Last but not least, last week Elo the Robot showed up in one of the gallery’s corridors! Our little Belgian explorers can now dive into exciting underwater adventures thanks to our virtual reality game.

About Charleroi Ville 2

Did you know that Ville 2 welcomes around 4 million visitors a year? The shopping center is part of the SCC-LSGI shopping center network, a leading independent retailer present in several countries, including Belgium. SCC-LSGI reinvents shopping centers to make them spaces for living, exchanging, meeting and experiencing, with a high visitor flow. A destination not to be missed!

Happy St Nicholas to all, and especially to our Belgian neighbours 🙂

nouveau concept flunch

Hopopop ! The new flunch concept with interactive games!

It’s because flunch has been reinventing itself for years that it is regularly voted the favourite restaurant of families in France! And to continue to capture the hearts of the French people, the restaurant chain recently revised its concept. And the result? A new flunch concept that is more modern, more adapted to the expectations of families and also… more fun with new interactive Kylii Kids games for children 🙂

Hopopop, a new intergenerational flunch concept accessible to all!

Flunch is rolling out its new concept on the Roncq site, the 2nd historical flunch, which reopened its doors at the beginning of April. Brighter, the new flunch is moving away from the self-service cafeteria to the “food court” with several kitchen areas: trattoria, grill, plancha, burgers, galettes, bistro and Asia.

In addition to the culinary renewal, the restaurant is transformed into a real place of entertainment with :

  • – A bar at the entrance for the grown-ups but also to drink your coffee
  • – Themed cubes for families and groups (jungle, bathroom, pirate ship…)
  • – A games area for teenagers (baby basketball, air hockey, pinball machine, etc.)
  • – And finally, a play area for children with a tubular structure and new interactive games by Kylii Kids!

nouveau concept flunch 2

A new flunch with interactive games for kids!

What if we reinvented the experience in flunch playgrounds? This was one of the missions of Prisca Galvez-Behar – Brand Manager – Partnerships and Family Experience at flunch:

“We decided to implement new physical and digital experiences. And above all, multi-player, intergenerational experiences that encourage exchange. Content was also important to us. The Kylii Kids games are fun and the themes are intelligent. ”

In the new flunch concept, children become actors of an immersive experience with the interactive wall. They discover, play, marvel and share a unique and amazing experience! The interactive wall is a simple white wall, which is transformed into a giant play area and above all… tactile, without a screen!

A second experience is available for children to share a convivial moment and it is the touch table. A collaborative game that can accommodate up to 6 players simultaneously! A new interactive activity to play together, make new friends or have fun with your parents.

Contacts Kylii Kids

Do you have a project for an interactive children’s area? Would you like to test our solutions to welcome and entertain families?

Contact Kylii Kids by phone at +33 (0)3 20 93 36 10 or by email at

See you soon in your children’s playgrounds 🙂

Shell children's playgrounds

Shell children’s playgrounds are going phygital!

A new design, a new concept, and of course… new Shell children’s playgrounds! For a few months now, the Shell stations have been wearing their most beautiful shades on their motorway areas!

The Kylii Kids interactive tables and touch desks are shining in Shell stations in a lovely sunny yellow! The new children’s play equipment shines in the motorway areas. And even when it’s raining outside 🙂

To meet families’ expectations more efficiently…

The same old song in the family car! ” How long?”, “I have to pee”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m bored”… That’ s why families are looking for the best motorway service areas before starting their trip. The ones with dedicated services… Like the Shell children’s playgrounds for example! That’s why they are deployed!

And, because children have new digital expectations, these corners mix physical wooden games with the new interactive Kylii Kids games.

 Shell Kinderspielplätze

Make friends during the stopover!

On the menu at the Shell motorway service area: stretch your legs, shop around, have lunch, drink a coffee before setting off and then, most importantly… let the children make new friends around the Kylii Kids touch table!

The Kylii table is a collaborative game that can welcome up to 6 players simultaneously! A new interactive activity to play together, make new friends or have fun with your parents. It offers a catalogue of games on intelligent themes such as science, nature or the environment…

The Kylii table takes a central role in the Shell children’s play area. Next to it are two touch desks. These desks are equipped with more than sixty interactive games on playful and intelligent themes (sport, food, nature). The first desk is equipped with a seat. And the second is adapted for children with reduced mobility (PRM).

Finally, a wooden game hanging on the wall adds a physical touch to this Shell children’s playground concept.

Shell children’s playgrounds: a deployment that is fast growing!

You can now find our Shell children’s playgrounds in the Les Haras area, the Villeneuve Vauluisant area, the Keskastel West area, the Villeneuve l’Archevêque area and the Vémars EST area 🙂

And in other Shell motorway areas very soon!

Get in touch with Kylii Kids

Would you like to install interactive children’s playgrounds in your motorway service areas?

Contact Kylii Kids at We will be happy to hear about your needs and answer your questions!

Kinderbereich Intersport Bayonne

Intersport Bayonne Kids corner – A Surfing Summer with Quiksilver

At Kylii Kids, we hope you had a great summer. Ours was dedicated to SPORT and especially SURF! Interactive wall, touch table and Augmented Reality game… We play in the new Intersport Bayonne kids corner in the brand new concept of the store, in partnership with the brand Quiksilver.

After impressive expansion work, one of Europe’s largest Instersport has chosen to equip its shop with Kylii Kids interactive games for children.

Back to school Kids! But for those who want to have a last holidays vibes.. Then go to Intersport Bayonne Kids corner !

Bar/relaxation area: discover the Intersport Bayonne kids corner ! 

After a shopping session, what could be better than relaxing over a drink or a snack while the kids have fun with digital and multiplayer activities!

More than 80 games are available for children through games like interactive wall, touch table or Augmented Reality.

Intersport Bayonne Kids corner

A Quiksilver game for surfing with body movements! 

Ready to catch the wave and perform extraordinary tricks while saving the planet? In this 3D gestural game, each character takes his board and collects as much waste as possible to clean the sea. Each time a shape appears on the screen, kids have to hold a pose to perform different tricks.

Games in the dressing rooms to keep kids busy

As parents who has never dreamed of seeing their child delighted to go into the fitting room and without a fit? In the fitting room, touch-screen wall-mounted terminals have been installed to entertain children d with more than 60 games on themes such as sport, ecology, fashion and food.

Intersport Bayonne Kids corner

About Intersport

Intersport is the world’s leading sporting goods retailer, with 680 shops in France and more than 5,500 shops in 66 countries.

About Quiksilver

Quiksilver is a brand of surf-inspired apparel and accessories that was founded in 1969 in Torquay, Australia, but is now based in Huntington Beach, California. It is one of the world’s largest brands of surfwear and boardsport-related equipment. The parent company changed its name in March 2017 from Quiksilver, Inc. to Boardriders, Inc., and is the owner of the brands Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes. In 2018, Boardriders acquired Billabong International Limited, gaining the Billabong, Element, Von Zipper, RVCA and XCEL brands.


Motorway areas with children

Digital kids corner Gridserve at the first Electric Forecourt® in the UK !

While parents have a coffee and recharge their car, at the digital kids corner Gridserve, all is done to make sure the kids learn something new and have fun. Thanks to Kylii Kids UK, children discover new and exciting experiences at the first Electric Forecourt® by Gridserve in Braintree, Essex. (UK).​

Powered by clean solar energy and clever battery storage technology, the site is the first one over 100 Electric Forecourts® being built by GRIDSERVE over the next five years. In this new concept, customer experience and quality service for everyone is a key point. Kylii Kids UK worked hand by hand with GRIDSERVE to make sure the best experiences are provided to ths kids.

Digital Kids Corner GridserveToddington Harper, Founder and CEO of GRIDSERVE said “Charging has to be simple and free of anxiety, which is why we’ve designed our Electric Forecourts® entirely around the needs of drivers”.

GRIDSERVE’s purpose is to provide spectacular charging facilities at the same time as delivering an awesome customer experience. That’s why they decided to use Kylii Kids’ services, as the leader in interactive children’s areas, to install the best digital kids corner in their new concept.

Digital kids corner Gridserve : A whole interactive area dedicated to children

A dedicated area has been mapped out for children by Kylii Kids UK in this digital kids corner Gridserve. In this play area, children have fun with many different interactive game experiences offering adventure and education. Two touch panels, a virtual reality tower, an augmented reality totem and a tactile table provide active and interactive activities. Kylii kids supply over 180 interactive games about several subjects such as ecology, science, healthy food…

Digital Kids Corner Gridserve


GRIDSERVE’s purpose is to deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change. GRIDSERVE develops, builds, owns and operates solar energy and battery storage solutions for critical power infrastructure. GRIDSERVE’s team have been responsible for the development, construction and operation of more than a gigawatt of solar energy and energy storage solutions, including connecting over 100 utility-scale sustainable energy projects to the UK grid. GRIDSERVE is interested in exploring new electric vehicle charging and sustainable energy opportunities, including new hybrid solar farms, Electric Forecourts® and remote power solutions.

About Kylii Kids UK

Kylii Kids UK has been the first partner to join up with Kylii Kids. They distribute Kylii Kids’ interactive children’s games throughout the United Kingdom. Before this exciting project with Gridserve, Kylii Kids UK had already worked on innovative concepts and large-scale projects such as the Primark Cafe with Disney concept.

You are in the UK and you have a children’s space project? Please, feel free to contact the Kylii Kids UK team who will be happy to answer you!

D14 Metropolitan Park
Greenford London – UB6 8UJ – ENGLAND – Tel : +44 (0)20 3488 3602

AREAS kids corners

AREAS Kids corners, let’s go on holidays in Spain !

So that the journey is part of the holiday and that the road is a pleasant experience for the whole family… Areas, the travel catering specialist, is providing interactive games at two first sites in Spain! Currently, two AREAS kids corners have recently been equipped with Kylii Kids games. The restaurants at the Penedes (Tarragona) and Montseny Norte (Barcelona) motorway service areas are now ready to welcome families!

Keeping children busy on the road, a well-known problem for families…

Anyone who has ever travelled in a car with children knows how complicated our dear children can be on the road.

As soon as you start the car, you hear “I’m bored…” or the famous “Are we almost there?”

Dedicated services at rest areas to better welcome families are essential for everyone to relax. This is why AREAS has chosen to provide interactive and fun activities that match children’s expectations in its restaurants.

AREAS kids corners, play and exercise after a good meal before getting back on the road…

Stopping at a motorway service area with children can be stressful. If children are bored, parents grab a sandwich and leave. They may not take the time to eat in a restaurant. That’s why you have to manage the children’s energy! Areas has chosen to install a Kylii Air totem in one of its stations. This Augmented Reality game is controlled by gestures. It stimulates both physically and intellectually the kids. The children interact with their body movements and all their energy is called into play

Interactive games, a thought present in several countries…

Last year, Areas already deployed its first interactive games area with Kylii Kids in France. So, since December, the restaurant in the Vironvay motorway service welcomes children with an interactive multiplayer floor. The children can run, jump and play on the projection which is animated under their feet! Another fun activity to stretch the legs before getting back on the road!

About Areas

With an operational presence in 12 countries around the world, Areas offers a very wide range of catering services to meet the expectations of travellers and concessionaires, in airports, railway stations and motorway service areas.

KFC Furiani interactive play area

KFC Furiani interactive play area, a new installation by Kylii Kids

After Nancy Laxou, the KFC Furiani interactive play area has been set up by Kylii Kids. Augmented Reality games and a tactile table are now available for little corsicans in this amazing brand new interactive play area ! 

A phygital concept for upcoming share moments

In this fully phygital concept, KFC has chosen to offer mixed, complementary, varied and collaborative experiences. In the play area, we find both a traditional tubular structure and digital games made in France by Kylii Kids.

First, on one side of the KFC Furiani interactive play area, children will have fun with their body movements thanks to the Kylii Air Totem. An augmented reality solution that turns a simple screen into a magic mirror. You can fly a plane just by lifting your arms, put on all kinds of virtual garments like magic… Or even perform a new sporting activity… In total, nearly 40 games available to play, move and stimulate the imagination of young people from Furiani.

Then, on the other side of the digital play area, children will also have the opportunity to play around the Kylii Touch Table. The Kylii Kids Table is multiplayer and allows up to 6 children to play simultaneously. More than 24 cooperative and collaborative games are available on themes both fun and smart. (ecology, fashion, science, nature…)

KFC Furiani interactive play area, a way to get ready to prepare the upcoming reopening…

For now, KFC’s restaurant in Furiani has not yet fully reopened its doors (only for take-away sales). But this project is part of the aim to attract and develop families loyalty. Since the idea of “pleasing the children” is the main motivation for family meals in a restaurant, getting ready for the return of families also means setting up a nice play area for the children.

Apparel Group

New Interactive kids corners by Kylii Kids in Middle East with Apparel Group

Whether in a trampoline park with Sky Zone, a children’s fashion store with SMYK or a shopping center with Grand Centrale, Kylii Kids’ solutions are doing quite well for Apparel Group.

Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, New Balance, Levi’s, do you know? Their common point: all these famous brands are part of Apparel Group. Created in 1999, the company has become a reference in the world of retail whether in cosmetics, department stores, fashion, or shopping centers. In all, Apparel Group manages more than 75 managed brands, 14,000 employees, 1,750 points of sale worldwide, 2000 in 2020.

Apparel Group trusts Kylii Kids

Innovations, digital experiences, children, new customer experience concept … that’s perfect because it matches Kylii Kids expertise’s. Apparel Group understands this and has chosen Kylii Air augmented reality solutions and Kylii Touch tabletop and touchscreen solutions for many of its brands:

  • Sky Zone, the world’s first indoor trampoline park in Dubai;
  • SMYK Children’s Fashion Stores in Doha and Abu Dhabi;
  • the last generation shopping center Grand Centrale de Ajman.

Totem Air for Apparel Group

Pupitre touch for Apparel Group

Kylii Touch in Lagoh, Sevilla

Kylii Kids in the new shopping mall: Lagoh in Sevilla

14 million visitors expected per year, 100,000 m2 of space, a central lake: the new shopping center Lagoh in Seville is not halfway! And because he will also be at the forefront of technology and customer experience, Kylii Kids has been solicited.

Kylii Kids is accelerating in Spain. While waiting for other new deployments of interactive Kids corners that we will communicate very soon, Kylii Kids Spain deploys its gaming solutions the brand new shopping center of Seville: Lagoh. The Lar España Group at the origin of the complex has seen the big picture with an area of 100,000 square meters of shops, greenery and leisure.

The shopping center has even a central lake with an area equivalent to two Olympic swimming pools. Around, you can visit hundreds of fashion stores (Primark, Inditex group brands, H & M or Victoria’s Secret and Hollister) or catering.

Lagoh, Sevilla

A mall under the Kylii Kids experience

With Lagoh, the initiators of the project have really sought to offer an experience and a customer journey different from what exists on the market, whether in terms of the diversity of activities on offer (climbing area, aerodynamic tunnel, artificial beach, etc. .) than technological innovation.

Kylii Kids has its place with its tables and touch panels Kylii Touch but also the virtual reality totem Kylii View. The children will be delighted! And certainly also the 14 million visitors expected when the resort will run at full speed !

Kylii Touch in Lagoh, Sevilla


Waiting for the Shuttle is a breeze!

A fun and memorable Eurotunnel travel experience starts in the waiting area with integrated Kylii Kids interactive solutions.

Since the launch of the Channel tunnel in 1994, England is no longer really an island. The Eurostar shuttle travels under the sea between Calais-Coquelles in France and Folkestone in England.  The shuttle is used daily by nearly 60,000 passengers including families excited at the prospect of a journey to another country.  Conscious of providing an enjoyable and quality service Eurotunnel chose Kylii Kids solutions to manage the waiting time before boarding.

Touch panels and interactive floor

A dedicated area has been mapped out for children where they can have fun before boarding the shuttle.  Four touch panels and an interactive floor provide both active and interactive attractions with numerous games available in several languages. Disability access has been incorporated to accommodate all audiences. “Many families travel with the Shuttle. It was important for us to offer them a fun, educational and innovative moment for a travel experience that starts in the waiting area!” says Yves Szrama, Customer Experience Director.