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Kylii Kids Schweiz + Liechtenstein

Kids from Switzerland and Liechtenstein will enjoy Kylii Kids solutions

The interactive and digital kids corners specialist is now available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, a unique market that tends to favor premium providers.

After the United Kingdom and the language of Shakespeare, Spain and the language of Cervantes, Kylii Kids opens a new horizon: Goethe’s language with Switzerland and Liechtenstein. According to Antoine Nuger, Kylii Kids Sales Director, “the Swiss market is particularly demanding. To establish a permanent presence, it is therefore necessary to already have good international experience in the digital sector. The in-house mastery of the different working languages ​​is then a non-negligible advantage. SCS COMPUTER SYSTEMS AG matches these qualities that’s why we entrust them to develop Kylii Kids. He can capitalize in  his business experience in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the Digital world since 27 years. In addition, this unique market also tends to favor premium providers. These companies stand out by their experience in the realization of projects with high added value. This includes mastering rigorous processes tailored to the specific needs of each client.

An original customer experience

Personalization, high added value, innovation … perfect, it’s in the DNA of Kylii Kids. Economic players from Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany will be able to offer an original and optimized customer experience for families, parents and children. Interactive floors, touch screens, virtual reality solutions, augmented reality gaming experience : it’s up to them to choose which digital kids corners best matches their marketing strategy, their kids corners or their client experience. With more than a bank of one hundred and fifty  games available! In the land of William Tell, it will still be more fun and less dangerous  to play with our digital games than shooting in an apple on the head of his son!

Terminals and touch tables for children's multimedia games

Playful, interactive, multiplayer fun at the touch table!

Technology is good, however, incorporating fun, learning and interaction is great! At Kylii Kids we are throwing down three new unique creations designed for touch tables.

We know children love playing on the interactive floor, virtual reality, augmented reality and tactile tables.  After the initial wow factor the games content needs to follow suit.  That is where our expertise comes in.  With games designers, graphic designers, engineers, at all levels our development studio work to deliver games that are both fun, cooperative and educational.

Fascinating universes and topical themes

In addition to immersing them in fascinating worlds, the chosen themes correspond to current topics. Ecology, fashion, science, nature…. Kylii Kids offer you nearly 70 games for touch tables! Some are even adapted to our clients’ areas, such as “discovering the human body”, “caring for patients” and “transforming into super-drug” for health professionals or pharmacies. Although aimed at 3-12 year olds, our games are age-less and it wouldn’t be the first time the tables have been surrounded by parents or grandparents! In addition to the time spent designing our games, an entire phase is devoted to tests by panels of children before earning the right to be published in our catalogue.

Poulpy colors

In the family of activities designed to develop children’s imagination and creativity.  In this fun and bright game, players select colours and shapes to fill-in the surface with their small octopus. Yes, that’s right, an octopus! Its fun, quircky and very addictive!

 Pouply colors, un jeu tactile made by Kylii Kids


Utilises the gaming platform to encourage a respect for nature and protection of the environment. In Deforestation, children monitor the growing forest and prevent small bulldozers from destroying the trees. Perfect, if you want to associate the image of your business with the protection of the planet and its future.

Deforestation, un jeu tactile made by Kylii Kids

In the farm there is…

Search the cheerful farm to find the lost animals.  Designed to promote team work and mutual cooperation players work together to score big and enjoy sharing a win.

Dans la ferme, un jeu tactile made by Kylii Kids

On the table!!

All these games and many more are available for our tables and touch terminals.  Units can be customised to reflect your brand colours or themes and all of our solutions have been built for intensive use. Fireproof materials, rounded edges, tempered glass screens, everything is designed to withstand the onslaught of children and time! As touch tables can accommodate up to 6 players simultaneously durability is paramount!

Interactive games and digital space at Hippopotamus

Kylii Kids at the heart of the new Hippopotamus restaurant concept

After 50 years the Hippopotamus restaurant chain has been reinvented with an updated visual identity.  The steak house boasts new décor, extended hours and a layout to include an interactive play area.

The restaurant brand “revisits the culture of the steak house to adapt to the art of living, where the pleasure of tasting delicious and generous dishes combine with the pleasure of sharing convivial moments”. The idea is also to win back the family audience by providing children’s play spaces so everyone can have a great time.  That’s where Kylii Kids come in!

Interactive games and digital space at Hippopotamus

A new area for a new era

The new kids zones include touch tables that can accommodate up to 6 players at the same time.  Hippopotamus quoted “The experiences offered by Kylii Kids were fully in line with our desire to provide customers with a special family experience.  Positive feedback from our customers confirms we have made the right choice!“. Already 8 restaurants have benefited from these innovations. Bourg la Reine Villabé, Noyelles-Godault, Strasbourg, Nantes Saint Herblain, Massy, ​​Toulouse Roques, Trappes, Gennevilliers, and many more to follow soon

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Interactive games and digital space at Hippopotamus


Interactive children's area Tape à l'oeil with Kylii Kids

Tape à l’œil launches into ‘ready-to-play’ Kylii Kids

The Tape à l’œil Kids Ready-to-Wear brand is launching into the “ready-to-play” point of sale. Tape a l’oeil have selected Kylii Kids interactive games to entertain kids while parents/carers quietly browse the store’s products.

As pointed out by the Nova CHILD cluster in its study on the role of the child in distribution :

“1 in 3 parents have already left a store because of their child. That is nearly 6 million abandoned visits and 1 million families regularly concerned”

That’s why the Tape à l’œil clothing brand has chosen to equip its outlets with Kylii Kids interactive games. In France and internationally.

Different concepts according to the typology of the store

2 child game concepts are deployed based on the store configuration. In the biggest points of sale, a “digital playground” is installed to create a real playground. Located in the center of the store, it is visible from any department. In smaller spaces, tactile games are placed near fitting rooms. The perfect solution to occupy children while, for example, parents try clothes on siblings.

“The digital playground”: a space of games in the new concept Tape à l’oeil XXL

In his new concept store XXL STORE, Tape à l’oeil has imagined a customer journey centered on “pleasure shopping”. Pleasure for the customers but also for those who accompany them. It is in this perspective that the children’s textile brand has chosen to install an interactive playground called the “digital playground”. With:

  • Augmented reality animations. Disguising yourself virtually, bursting balloons of all colors or catching ducks with a virtual fishing rod … children have fun with body movements!Réalité augmentée pour enfants dans les magasins Tape à l'oeil
  • Two touchscreens, with a personalised interface for Tape à l’œil. In all, 60 interactive games are available. Children from 3 to 12 years can have fun on topics such as ecology, science or nature …

60 jeux interactifs et tactiles pour les enfants 3 à 12 ans dans les magasins Tape à l'oeil

The play area is in the center of the store. Parents can see their children during their journey. Everyone wins. The big ones have time for them and the little ones live an unforgettable experience in store. Find the “Playground TAO” in Faches-Thumesnil, Roncq, North Amiens, Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, Rennes, etc.

Interactive children’s area near fitting rooms

The big sister is trying on an outfit and the rest of the troop are not holding up? Parents do not have time to go around the store because their toddlers only want to play? To solve this, Tape à l’oeil has installed the Kylii Kids touchscreen terminals in a strategic place: the fitting room!

Les cabines d’essayage des magasins Tape à l’œil équipés de deux bornes tactiles avec 60 jeux pour enfants

Thanks to 2 tactile boxes with personalised colours, the dressing rooms of Tape à l’oeil stores are equipped with more than 60 fun and educational games. For the greatest happiness of the children and their parents.

An eye-catching deployment in France and abroad

The textile brand has deployed these touch screens near the fitting rooms in more than 40 of its stores. In France but also in Belgium, Poland, Lebanon and Tunisia. Including: Englos, Bruay La Buissière, Brussels, Euralille, Boortmeeerbeek, Herstal, Strasbourg, Anderlecht, Bourg en Bresse, Dijon Quetigny, Dijon Golden Fleece, Amiens Dury, Carré Sénart, Grenoble, Pau lescar, Amily, Bayonne, Beirut city center, Chalons en champagne, Essey Nancy, Furiani, Givors, Herblay, The white cross, Lempdes, Mokotow, Noyelles Godault, Orleans Olivet, Tunis, Urrugne.

Interactive kids games at Flunch

Kylii Kids digital playgrounds in more than 80 Flunch restaurants!

Augmented reality games, interactive floors, tactile games … More than 80 Flunch restaurants welcome families with Kylii Kids digital playgrounds.

For a great family restaurant experience, we need to find the right place. A philosophy that the brand has chosen to deploy with a new type of digital playground. Different, innovative, these kids zones encourage fun, active and social play between children.

Flunchers have fun while their parents can relax, enjoy a meal or catch up with friends within a pleasant and carefree environment.

” Endowing your restaurant with ‘child friendly’ is the opportunity to attract between 20 and 25% of additional customers.”

Kylii Kids, digital and interactive playgrounds

Flunch has chosen to equip its restaurants with Kylii Kids digital playgrounds. The idea is to offer customers of the family catering brand different interactive and renewed activities at each visit: 

  • Augmented reality games where children are the heroes. Go on an adventure in the jungle, become a knight, a princess,  an airplane pilot … children see themselves on the screen in a world of augmented reality with which they can interact! Nothing better to make new friends and get active after a meal.Réalité augmentée pour les enfants dans les restaurants Flunch avec Kylii Kids
  • Interactive floor to jump, stamp and have fun with others. Kids love to make up stories. With the Kylii Floor interactive floor, their imagination comes to life under their feet and the ground becomes an immersive playground … magical! Sol interactif pour les enfants dans les restaurants Flunch avec Kylii Kids
  • Touch games to calm things down. Yellow, blue, green, Flunch composes its tactile play areas with 3 desks of different colours and sizes. Children from 3 to 12 can have a good time while adults enjoy a dessert.Jeux tactiles pour les enfants dans les restaurants Flunch avec Kylii Kids

Kylii Kids Continues the Deployment of Flunch Playgrounds in Europe

Today, more than 80 Flunch restaurants in France and Italy are equipped with interactive play areas. The restaurant brand has deployed more than 150 interactive screens, updated and maintained by Kylii Kids. More than 15O games are available, not counting the novelties throughout the year. They are even available in several languages.


Kylii Kids Paris Retail Week 2018

Test the Kylii Kids digital games on Paris Retail Week!

The 2018 theme of Paris Retail Week perfectly matches Kylii Kids solutions, leader in interactive children’s spaces and games.

M097. Remember this code. This is the Kylii Kids booth number on Paris Retail Week. This is where you will be able to discover the latest innovations and trends in the development of interactive, fun and innovative children’s spaces! You will also be able to test the interactive games fully developed by our teams to boost the customer experience. Kylii Kids, a member of the children’s cluster Novachild, will host Alexandre Banach to answer your questions about the study “Child and Distribution”.

The Smart Phygital

Today, retail is smart. That’s why the Paris Retail Week 2018 edition will highlight the Smart Phygital, the global and agile retail ecosystem! For 3 days, the aisles of this unmissable show will be full of solutions marrying on and offline. You can order your badge for free online before 18/09 by following the link below:

The village Paillou at Courtepaille: a digital child space signed Courtepaille

The new Courtepaille children’s space concept by Kylii Kids!

The village of Paillou. This is where your children will be entertained during your meal at Courtepaille. A play area made in Kylii Kids!

Kids touch terminals at Courtepaille

From August 2017, a new play area has opened in 14 Courtepaille restaurants. Named the Village du Paillou, it welcomes all children to offer them a fun and interactive playground. Younger guests can play while their parents enjoy a meal in a relaxed atmosphere. Given the success with families, the restaurant chain will deploy it in more than 50 restaurants by the end of April.

Design and maintenance by Kylii Kids

Kylii Kids took care of the design and maintenance. The design of the hut takes the emblematic shape of the sign. The concept of the Village of Paillou provides different activities to discover in the world of Paillou and his band of friends. It combines physical and digital games for over 3 years: abacus, puzzles, creative paintings and more than 50 tactile games.


Flunch Bordeaux Le Lac avec Kylii Kids

New Kylii Kids deployment for Flunch in Bordeaux

A Kylii Planet lands at Flunch restaurant in Bordeaux Le Lac to make a unique experience for kids.


Due to huge success Kylii Kids continues to equip Flunch with different modules. A Kylii Planet has been installed at Flunch restaurant Bordeaux Le Lac grouping 3 modules. There is an interactive floor, an augmented reality module and also a cartoon media terminal. A digital solution to make a unique and happy experience for children and relaxed experience for adults.

Attract and retain families

This rollout is part of the goal of attracting and retaining families in Flunch restaurants. Kylii Kids continues to meet this goal of welcoming families in Flunch with this new deployment in Bordeaux. Children have fun while parents can enjoy their meal in peace.

Tape à l'oeil Docks Brussels

Tape à l’œil and Kylii Kids at the Docks Bruxsel shopping centre

Kylii Kids continues to expand with Tape in Belgium in the new Docks Bruxsel shopping centre.


Tape à l’oeil has just opened its new store in the Docks Bruxsel shopping centre.

Kylii Kids have equipped the point of sale with two personalised tactile boxes in brand colours. They are located near the changing rooms to entertain children while they wait. Parents are able to browse, buy or use the fitting rooms hassle free. By continuing to equip the outlets of Tape à l’œil, Kylii Kids addresses the issue of attracting, welcoming and retaining families in stores.

Would you like to know more about the Kylii Touch box solution? You can have a look here or contact us here for more information!

Touch pads at Tape à l'oeil Englos

Children’s tablets in store at Tape à l’œil!

Tape à l’œil install customised Kylii Touch, to promote a new concept in the Englos store.


Shopping with your children can quickly become a nightmare if the little ones are not busy! How do you make the shopping experience fun for them too? Tape à l’œil, the chain of ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories for children has chosen to install Kylii Touch child tablets in its Englos store.

The point of sale is equipped with 2 customised touch boxes to perfectly promote the brand’s new concept store.

Tablettes tactiles chez Tape à l'oeil Englos

Would you like to know more about the Kylii Touch box solution?  Contact us for more information!