Install interactive kids zone within your points of sale

A family shopping trip in points of sale can quickly turn into a nightmare when children become bored, tired and disinterested.

Enhance the store of the future and build brand loyalty. Imagine going out to the shops where everyone has a good time, where children play quietly in a safe space with playful and intelligent digital games.
Where your customers take the time to browse and buy in a relaxed environment.

Families will want to return again and again to experience new family adventures instead of just ordering online.

Install your interactive kid’s games in strategic areas within the store

Develop an effective digital customer journey by directing families to the key areas of the store and occupy waiting times with the positioning of digital games for children:

Our clients

They have chosen digital games in their play area:

Primark Birmingham's Disney cafe is fully equipped with touch tables and kiosks, augmented reality screen and interactive floor.

The entire Kylii Kids products range in action at SMYK clothing shops and the Grand Centrale shopping centre in the Middle East.

Two virtual reality towers and an augmented reality screen to entertain children in the Milan flagship store.

The welcome of families always on top with touchscreen desks for children in the stores of Grenoble and Montpellier.

A playhouse offers personalized digital experiences around the brand's universe in its Petit Bateau boutiques all over the world.

A "Playground" of digital games via augmented reality screens in the heart of the stores.

In a place where the shopping premium, the good idea is to equip the salons of fitting with touchscreen kiosks to make wait the children!

The shops in Lomme and Caen are being equipped with virtual reality binoculars and touch tables with their own custom games.
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  •  Apparel Group
  •  Foot Locker
  •  Galeries Lafayette
  •  Petit Bateau
  •  Tape à l'oeil
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