Kylii Air ®
Augmented reality screen in which children are the heroes

Kylii Kids augmented reality screen transforms a simple TV into a magic mirror. With our 3D camera, children interact in real-time with what they see. Costumes, accessories, virtual objects and magical worlds stimulate their imagination and encourage active play.

Over 35 games in augmented reality

In the blink of an eye, players can find themselves at one with nature, on a sports field, in a kitchen… the Kylii Kids universe adapts to your positioning and current trends.

With over 35 games in augmented reality and new additions year-round the possibilities are endless and so is the entertainment!

AR? Augmented reality?

Imagine a world without boundaries between the real and the imaginary, where your daily life is transformed and animates virtual elements according to the movements of the body. Welcome to augmented reality! Technology that allows you to:

icone mixer


the real world with virtual elements in 3D or 2D (virtual disguises and challenges to complete).

icone vivre


in an immersive, user-friendly and fully interactive real-time gaming experience.

icone intéragir


movement and develop co-ordination, sending a positive message.

Why use augmented reality?

AR is new, exciting and unique, with Kylii Air ® AR, children’s games take on another dimension. Multiplayer games enable children to play socially with friends, family or on their own.

Kylii Air ® AR stimulates both the imagination and physical activity. Children interact with the movements of their bodies and all their energy is mobilized towards the game.

Why use augmented reality?

Our clients

Some of our clients that have benefitted by choosing Kylii Air Augmented Reality for their Kid zones.

A "Playground" of digital games via augmented reality screens in the heart of the stores.

The restaurants in Nancy and Furiani have been equipped with touch tables and terminals as well as an augmented reality screen.

The monsters invaded Italie 2 shopping center in an interactive play area with augmented reality and touch games in custom-made furniture
  •  Tape à l'oeil
  •  KFC
  •  Flunch & RA
  •  Pathé Gaumont RA
  •  Primark Disney RA
  •  Hammerson