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nouveau concept flunch

Hopopop ! The new flunch concept with interactive games!

It’s because flunch has been reinventing itself for years that it is regularly voted the favourite restaurant of families in France! And to continue to capture the hearts of the French people, the restaurant chain recently revised its concept. And the result? A new flunch concept that is more modern, more adapted to the expectations of families and also… more fun with new interactive Kylii Kids games for children 🙂

Hopopop, a new intergenerational flunch concept accessible to all!

Flunch is rolling out its new concept on the Roncq site, the 2nd historical flunch, which reopened its doors at the beginning of April. Brighter, the new flunch is moving away from the self-service cafeteria to the “food court” with several kitchen areas: trattoria, grill, plancha, burgers, galettes, bistro and Asia.

In addition to the culinary renewal, the restaurant is transformed into a real place of entertainment with :

  • – A bar at the entrance for the grown-ups but also to drink your coffee
  • – Themed cubes for families and groups (jungle, bathroom, pirate ship…)
  • – A games area for teenagers (baby basketball, air hockey, pinball machine, etc.)
  • – And finally, a play area for children with a tubular structure and new interactive games by Kylii Kids!

nouveau concept flunch 2

A new flunch with interactive games for kids!

What if we reinvented the experience in flunch playgrounds? This was one of the missions of Prisca Galvez-Behar – Brand Manager – Partnerships and Family Experience at flunch:

“We decided to implement new physical and digital experiences. And above all, multi-player, intergenerational experiences that encourage exchange. Content was also important to us. The Kylii Kids games are fun and the themes are intelligent. ”

In the new flunch concept, children become actors of an immersive experience with the interactive wall. They discover, play, marvel and share a unique and amazing experience! The interactive wall is a simple white wall, which is transformed into a giant play area and above all… tactile, without a screen!

A second experience is available for children to share a convivial moment and it is the touch table. A collaborative game that can accommodate up to 6 players simultaneously! A new interactive activity to play together, make new friends or have fun with your parents.

Contacts Kylii Kids

Do you have a project for an interactive children’s area? Would you like to test our solutions to welcome and entertain families?

Contact Kylii Kids by phone at +33 (0)3 20 93 36 10 or by email at

See you soon in your children’s playgrounds 🙂

Léon play area

Léon play area – Kylii Kids Touch Table in the new restaurant concept

To offer customers a unique experience, LÉON, previously known as “Léon de Bruxelles”, is introducing a brand new “Fish Brasserie” concept. This concept integrates a Léon play area with the Kylii Kids touch table.

Léon’s “Fish Brasserie”, a “Family Friendly” concept

In the new Léon concept, called “Fish Brasserie”, we can see ropes, green ceramics, traps, shellfish and… a new Léon play area equipped with a Kylii Kids touch table!

According to Mr. Villegas – General Manager & Franchisee of LÉON “Fish Brasserie” Reims – the tactile table is a great success with customers! It pleases the children but also their parents:

” Families are very happy, we always place the families next to the children play area… The kids are delighted and when children are happy, the parents are happy too.”

Kylii Kids touch table allows children to play together (up to 6 players at the same time). Its catalogue of more than 25 games is regularly renewed and the games available are about current themes that are popular with children (nature, ecology, animals, science, etc.).

Mr Villegas also mentions that the children gather together around the table and share friendly moments.

“They play around the table together, they play with others. It’s suitable for all ages because it’s fun, it moves, so that makes it so interesting (…) It’s very modern for children, children understand quickly and it’s so simple to use with lots of games on a simple table!” 

With the Léon play area, children are entertained and their parents are also delighted!

According to a study by the NPD Group, family meals represent 30% of all visits to commercial restaurants, i.e. 360 million visits, and in 22% of cases, it is the child who influences the choice of restaurant for the rest of the family.

It is clear that to attract families to a restaurant, it’s important that the restaurant provides services for children, and LÉON restaurant brand has understood this.

This is why Léon play area integrates the tactile table in a room dedicated to children and various accessories (sailor hats) to please the kids.

According to the RestoConnection website, equipping a restaurant with “kid-friendly” facilities is an opportunity to attract between 20 and 25% more customers.

Aire de jeux léon 3

Currently in the rollout phase, the brand has already installed tactile tables for children in five Léon play areas (Léon Chambray les Tours, Léon Evry Lisses, Léon Nancy Vandoeuvre, Léon Reims Thillois and Léon Servon). And the deployment continues in the remodelling and new restaurants integrating the “Fish Brasserie” concept.

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Contact Kylii Kids on +33 (0)3 20 93 36 10 or by e-mail at We will be happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions 🙂

McDonald's WWC22

McDonald’s WWC22 : Kylii Kids introduces its Virtual Reality Tower for kids at the McFamily!

Kylii Kids has exhibited at its first McDonald’s international convention : McDonald’s WWC22 ! It was an opportunity to introduce our Virtual Reality Tower for kids to McDonald’s franchisees around the world. It was such a wonderful experience to have both children and grown-ups play and have fun with our McDonalds approved interactive game.

McDonald’s WWC22, the international and major event of the golden arches brand

McDonald’s welcomed more than 12,000 McDonald’s franchisees, suppliers, team members and employees from all over the world to its convention. It was at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), one of the largest and most prestigious convention centers in the United States!

The McDonald’s WWC22 reunion was highly anticipated. The participants were looking forward to be re-united after such a particular time.

McDonald's WWC22

And for Kylii Kids, it was a premiere! We were very happy and proud to be part of this special event. It was an opportunity to present to the entire McFamily our virtual reality tower for children, approved by McDonald’s for their indoor PlayPlace areas.

The Virtual Reality Tower Kylii View®, a game approved by McDonald’s

With its super cute robot design, which reminds us of a hero from a famous cartoon studio, Kylii View has melted the hearts of the franchisees at McDonald’s WWC22.

Approved by McDonald’s, Kylii View is a virtual reality tower that rotates 360 degrees. It’s a bit like a tourist telescope, but with this one, children can interact with two buttons and discover extraordinary virtual worlds.

McDonald's WWC22

Both sizes were available at the Kylii Kids booth at McDonald’s WWC22. There was a baby Kylii View for ages 6-9 and its big brother for ages 9-12.

A 3rd Kylii View was also available at the other end of the convention at the Kompan Commercial System booth (We thank them again for this temporary adoption 🙂 )

McDonald's WWC22

Let’s travel together through virtual worlds in PlayPlace areas

Let’s bring magic to the PlayPlace areas ! Participants were invited to have fun, interact and play many games on themes such as ecology, nature, science, food…

McDonald's WWC22

All games are developed by the Kylii Kids teams and are regularly renewed so that children can discover what’s new in the McDonald’s play area every time they visit!

Kylii Kids Contacts

We would like to thank the McFamily again for this AMAZING experience! And if you couldn’t attend the event, don’t hesitate to contact us by email for more information:

See you soon in the children’s play areas 🙂

KFC Rocourt kids corner

KFC Rocourt kids corner : First KFC equipped with Kylii Kids in Belgium !

The famous fried chicken restaurant has just arrived in Belgium. The second restaurant is opening around the town of Liege. After France, it is now Belgium’s turn, with the KFC Rocourt kids corner, to be equipped with Kylii Kids’s interactive game solutions!

KFC Rocourt kids corner : A digital and playful area

In its KFC Rocourt kids corner, the American fast-food chain “Kentucky Fried Chicken” has chosen to offer interactive, fun, educational and Made in France experiences by Kylii Kids.

KFC Rocourt kids corner tactile table

In the middle of this interactive area, children can play around the Kylii Touch Table. This is a multiplayer tactile table, designed to welcome 6 children simultaneously. More than 24 cooperative and collaborative games are available on various themes.  (Ecology, health, science, fashion, nature…)

Behind the tactile table, and under the friendly eye of the famous Colonel Sanders… Children can explore virtual reality with the Kylii View tower: Virtual reality binoculars for kids. Colour a 3D world with a virtual paint spray, put on the shoes of a fireman and save a city from flames or have fun with the well-known whack-a-mole game revisited by Kylii Kids… In total, there are nearly twenty virtual reality games available and new ones to discover all year round.

KFC Rocourt kids corner touchscreens

Finally, on the right, there is the Kylii Touch station which completes this area. A touch terminal for children from the Kylii Kids range with 3 individual built-in screens. There are over 70 touch games designed and developed by Kylii Kids for the pleasure of children from 3 to 12 years old.

About KFC BELUX (Belgium Luxembourg) – Projestec SA

Already present in more than 140 countries with 23,000 restaurants, KFC is opening in Wallonia. They plan to roll out both in city centres and outside with a drive-in. The company is partnered with Projestec SA (Franchise Belgium and Luxembourg)! In the next five years, they estimates that it will open at least 20 branches in Wallonia, Brussels and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

KFC Furiani interactive play area

KFC Furiani interactive play area, a new installation by Kylii Kids

After Nancy Laxou, the KFC Furiani interactive play area has been set up by Kylii Kids. Augmented Reality games and a tactile table are now available for little corsicans in this amazing brand new interactive play area ! 

A phygital concept for upcoming share moments

In this fully phygital concept, KFC has chosen to offer mixed, complementary, varied and collaborative experiences. In the play area, we find both a traditional tubular structure and digital games made in France by Kylii Kids.

First, on one side of the KFC Furiani interactive play area, children will have fun with their body movements thanks to the Kylii Air Totem. An augmented reality solution that turns a simple screen into a magic mirror. You can fly a plane just by lifting your arms, put on all kinds of virtual garments like magic… Or even perform a new sporting activity… In total, nearly 40 games available to play, move and stimulate the imagination of young people from Furiani.

Then, on the other side of the digital play area, children will also have the opportunity to play around the Kylii Touch Table. The Kylii Kids Table is multiplayer and allows up to 6 children to play simultaneously. More than 24 cooperative and collaborative games are available on themes both fun and smart. (ecology, fashion, science, nature…)

KFC Furiani interactive play area, a way to get ready to prepare the upcoming reopening…

For now, KFC’s restaurant in Furiani has not yet fully reopened its doors (only for take-away sales). But this project is part of the aim to attract and develop families loyalty. Since the idea of “pleasing the children” is the main motivation for family meals in a restaurant, getting ready for the return of families also means setting up a nice play area for the children.

Pirates Paradise has chosen Kylii View fo its restaurants

Virtual Reality sets sail for Pirates Paradise

Pirates Paradise, a new restaurant concept, immerses diners in the pirate underworld.  With incredible décor, fabulous costumes and fun shows Kylii View provides young pirates with a virtual reality experience in the play area.

Adding virtual reality to an immersive concept is the perfect fit! Engaging, interactive, riveting: become enchanted in virtual reality at Pirates Paradise. At the heart of this new restaurant concept, the Kylii View binoculars invite children to immerse themselves within captivating adventures. No need to be a seasoned buccaneer, the games are so intuitive that they are suitable even for freshwater sailors.  With their little pirates happy, parents can enjoy a peaceful meal before going back to the waves of their daily lives.  Aye-aye matey!!

For family

This new restaurant concept has set sail in Neuville-en-Ferrain and Montpellier. The décor is worthy of a film studio, actors and waiters in wonderful costumes engage diners and the play area is highlighted by VR Kylii View binoculars.  The experience is further enhanced by reconstructions of pirate scenes and makeup sessions throughout the day.

Interactive games and digital space at Hippopotamus

Kylii Kids at the heart of the new Hippopotamus restaurant concept

After 50 years the Hippopotamus restaurant chain has been reinvented with an updated visual identity.  The steak house boasts new décor, extended hours and a layout to include an interactive play area.

The restaurant brand “revisits the culture of the steak house to adapt to the art of living, where the pleasure of tasting delicious and generous dishes combine with the pleasure of sharing convivial moments”. The idea is also to win back the family audience by providing children’s play spaces so everyone can have a great time.  That’s where Kylii Kids come in!

Interactive games and digital space at Hippopotamus

A new area for a new era

The new kids zones include touch tables that can accommodate up to 6 players at the same time.  Hippopotamus quoted “The experiences offered by Kylii Kids were fully in line with our desire to provide customers with a special family experience.  Positive feedback from our customers confirms we have made the right choice!“. Already 8 restaurants have benefited from these innovations. Bourg la Reine Villabé, Noyelles-Godault, Strasbourg, Nantes Saint Herblain, Massy, ​​Toulouse Roques, Trappes, Gennevilliers, and many more to follow soon

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Interactive games and digital space at Hippopotamus


Partnership signed between Transgourmet and Kylii Kids

Partnership between Transgourmet and Kylii Kids

EquipHotel, the reference trade show for the Hotel and Catering sector, was the ideal place to announce the partnership between Transgourmet and Kylii Kids.

It’s now official: Kylii Kids becomes a partner of choice for Transgourmet Solutions. The number two European subsidiary of self-service and wholesale deliveries accompanies restaurant owners and hoteliers to deliver real technical answers to their problems. With Kylii Kid’s digital and interactive games, they can benefit from innovative solutions to attract and retain the family demographic.

The hotel and the restaurant of tomorrow

A large part of the EquipHotel philosophy was indeed dedicated to the future of the hotel and catering industry. Offering the latest cuisine, adopting new trends in hotel management, improving the comfort of working in the kitchen and also welcoming families with the full range of interactive Kylii Kids games.  Augmented reality, terminals and tactile tables, interactive floor, and the latest innovation: virtual reality. A fabulous incentive for all hotels or restaurants, appealing to both adults and children, offering families a memorable dining experience.

Case Study

According to Transgourmet Solutions, “Kylii Kids has taken into account the constraints of operating a restaurant or hotel to provide standalone games without human intervention, with automatic switch on and off, secure and modular to adapt to all the spaces. An entertainment service that allows its customers to differentiate, recruit and retain”. The 2018 edition of the EquipHotel Paris provides a real example of uplift with a 10% increase in visitors. Numerous guests visited the 5,000 m2 Transgourmet stand that hosted Kylii Kids. Business-minded parents and their kids had a great time playing on the Kylii Kids digital attractions.

More informations: !

Interactive kids games at Flunch

Kylii Kids digital playgrounds in more than 80 Flunch restaurants!

Augmented reality games, interactive floors, tactile games … More than 80 Flunch restaurants welcome families with Kylii Kids digital playgrounds.

For a great family restaurant experience, we need to find the right place. A philosophy that the brand has chosen to deploy with a new type of digital playground. Different, innovative, these kids zones encourage fun, active and social play between children.

Flunchers have fun while their parents can relax, enjoy a meal or catch up with friends within a pleasant and carefree environment.

” Endowing your restaurant with ‘child friendly’ is the opportunity to attract between 20 and 25% of additional customers.”

Kylii Kids, digital and interactive playgrounds

Flunch has chosen to equip its restaurants with Kylii Kids digital playgrounds. The idea is to offer customers of the family catering brand different interactive and renewed activities at each visit: 

  • Augmented reality games where children are the heroes. Go on an adventure in the jungle, become a knight, a princess,  an airplane pilot … children see themselves on the screen in a world of augmented reality with which they can interact! Nothing better to make new friends and get active after a meal.Réalité augmentée pour les enfants dans les restaurants Flunch avec Kylii Kids
  • Interactive floor to jump, stamp and have fun with others. Kids love to make up stories. With the Kylii Floor interactive floor, their imagination comes to life under their feet and the ground becomes an immersive playground … magical! Sol interactif pour les enfants dans les restaurants Flunch avec Kylii Kids
  • Touch games to calm things down. Yellow, blue, green, Flunch composes its tactile play areas with 3 desks of different colours and sizes. Children from 3 to 12 can have a good time while adults enjoy a dessert.Jeux tactiles pour les enfants dans les restaurants Flunch avec Kylii Kids

Kylii Kids Continues the Deployment of Flunch Playgrounds in Europe

Today, more than 80 Flunch restaurants in France and Italy are equipped with interactive play areas. The restaurant brand has deployed more than 150 interactive screens, updated and maintained by Kylii Kids. More than 15O games are available, not counting the novelties throughout the year. They are even available in several languages.


The village Paillou at Courtepaille: a digital child space signed Courtepaille

The new Courtepaille children’s space concept by Kylii Kids!

The village of Paillou. This is where your children will be entertained during your meal at Courtepaille. A play area made in Kylii Kids!

Kids touch terminals at Courtepaille

From August 2017, a new play area has opened in 14 Courtepaille restaurants. Named the Village du Paillou, it welcomes all children to offer them a fun and interactive playground. Younger guests can play while their parents enjoy a meal in a relaxed atmosphere. Given the success with families, the restaurant chain will deploy it in more than 50 restaurants by the end of April.

Design and maintenance by Kylii Kids

Kylii Kids took care of the design and maintenance. The design of the hut takes the emblematic shape of the sign. The concept of the Village of Paillou provides different activities to discover in the world of Paillou and his band of friends. It combines physical and digital games for over 3 years: abacus, puzzles, creative paintings and more than 50 tactile games.