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IAAPA Middle East Trade Summit 2024

Kylii Kids shows off its latest innovations at the IAAPA Middle East Trade Summit 2024

To kick off 2024 under the best of skies, Kylii Kids will be taking part in the IAAPA Middle East Trade Summit 2024, to be held in Abu Dhabi from 22 to 24 January 2024. This major event aims to highlight the latest trends in the leisure industry. Kylii Kids is looking forward to playing a central role at the event and showcasing its solutions designed specifically for the leisure sector.

Kylii Quest Treasure Hunt

A sportive and entertaining experience where boxes are hidden in the playground. Participants, equipped with RFID bracelets, have to find and scan the boxes to collect points. An interactive dashboard lets them keep track of their score. Scoring adds a competitive and exciting dimension to the adventure!

The Kylii Immersive Room

Immerse yourself in a unique experience by joining the Time Agency. This immersive room offers a 100% immersive escape game, guided by the artificial intelligence Philomène. Participants travel through time, discovering a variety of missions and adventures suitable for all the family, from ancient Egypt to infinite space.

Kylii Kids at the IAAPA Middle East Trade Summit 2024

By taking part in this new must-attend leisure event, Kylii Kids is confirming its commitment to innovation and the development of unique interactive experiences for children and families.

If you’d like to find out more about Kylii Kids’ innovative solutions, don’t miss the IAAPA Middle East Trade Summit 2024!

IAAPA 2023

Kylii Kids’ latest innovations at IAAPA Europe Expo 2023 in Vienna

The IAAPA Europe Expo, Europe’s largest entertainment trade show, returns to Vienna this year from September 20 to 28. This edition promises to be even more exciting than ever, with exhibitors coming from all over the world to showcase their latest innovations in the leisure and attractions industry. One of these exhibitors is Kylii Kids, a company specializing in the development of interactive games for children, which will occupy stand B714 to unveil its latest creations.

A history of innovation

Kylii Kids is renowned for its ability to innovate and create unique interactive experiences for children. Its flagship products include the interactive wall and augmented reality games. This year, the company plans to capture visitors’ attention with several exciting new products.

The interactive treasure hunt

One of the stars of the Kylii Kids stand this year is the “Interactive Treasure Hunt: the Kylii Quest Challenge”. This solution has been specially designed for the leisure sector, and promises an immersive and entertaining experience for children. The principle is simple: boxes are hidden in the play area, and children have to find them and scan them using an RFID bracelet. They can then track their score on a game terminal and set off in search of new treasures.

A new version dedicated to events

In addition to the traditional Interactive Treasure Hunt, Kylii Kids also presents its latest creation: the “Kylii Quest Event”. This version, dedicated to events, offers a transportable experience via a flycase, making it easy to set up at trade shows, fairs and other special events. The Kylii Quest Event brings a touch of playful interactivity to any event, creating lasting memories for participants of all ages.

Discover Kylii Kids at IAAPA Europe Expo 2023

If you’d like to find out more about Kylii Kids’ latest innovations and book a demonstration slot, be sure to visit their stand at IAAPA Europe Expo 2023. You can also contact them by e-mail at or by telephone on +33 (0)3 20 93 36 10 for further information.

We’re ready to show you how our innovative solutions can transform your park into a must-see destination for families in search of interactive adventure. Join us in Vienna from September 20 to 28 to discover the future of children’s entertainment with Kylii Kids.

Euroshop 2023, we are in !

Kylii Kids will be present at Euroshop 2023, the world’s leading retail trade fair, from 26 February to 2 March to talk about your children’s digital strategy and test our latest innovations!
Euroshop 2023

Visit us in Hall 5 on our stand E17-4 where we will be exhibiting alongside Business France and our friends from Deepidoo.

At the show, we will be showcasing our latest innovations for your interactive children’s areas and our vision for transforming physical places into experiential places for families!

What’s new at Kylii Kids for Euroshop 2023?

What if your kids’ corner made you earn money? The question of return on investment and optimisation of square metres are key issues for retail.

That is why us at Kylii Kids have developed a new game with an integrated payment solution. For the first time in Germany, Kylii Kids presents its latest innovation: the new version of the Kylii View Tower, monetised!

Jumelles de réalité virtuelle enfants Kylii View

In its new version, our favourite little robot comes to life and is equipped not only with a payment solution, but also with a face on the back of its binoculars… To be discovered at Euroshop 2023 🙂

Contact Kylii Kids and make an appointment to meet us at Euroshop 2023

You have a project for an interactive children’s area? Would you like to test our solutions to welcome and entertain families?

Don’t hesitate to block a slot now by contacting our sales department by e-mail, via our contact form or by telephone on +33 (0)

IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

IAAPA Expo Europe 2022: Kylii Kids & its interactive treasure hunt!

IAAPA Expo Europe – it’s THE place to be to meet the leisure and attractions industry. (IAAPA = International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions).

Each year the show brings together professionals from amusement parks, water parks, family entertainment centres, zoos, aquariums, museums, casinos and other establishments in the leisure sector.

And since this year’s IAAPA Expo Europe will be held in London, at the ExCel Centre, 2022 will be British!

It’s at this international event – previously known as the Euro Attractions Show (EAS) – that Kylii Kids has chosen to present its INTERACTIVE TREASURE HUNT: the Kylii Quest Challenge!


The interactive treasure hunt: a solution specially developed for the leisure industry

Entertainment is the speciality of Kylii Kids. And leisure, the historical sector of the company whose job is to develop interactive games for children.

Among the products in the range, we find interactive floors and walls, augmented reality games… So many solutions that attract professionals from the leisure industry.

But the sector is not only looking for attractive and innovative solutions.But also, a way to generate additional income with these interactive solutions.

IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

That’s why by creating the interactive treasure hunt, Kylii Kids has used its ability to innovate and make more interactive and attractive play structures in indoor/outdoor parks. While keeping in mind that this solution needs to bring additional revenues.


The interactive treasure hunt: a source of additional revenue

The treasure hunt is a simple game: boxes are hidden in the playground and children have to find and scan them with an RFID wristband.

Afterwards, children check their score on a game terminal and go back to the playground to scan the boxes again to upgrade their rank.

IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

There are several game modes… Parks can sell games on a daily basis with limited time, but also organise interactive birthday parties with team modes.


See you at the IAAPA Expo Europe!

You want to try the Kylii Quest interactive treasure hunt? Book a demo by contacting us by email at or by phone at +33 (0)3 20 93 36 10

Kylii Kids
BOOTH 2733
IAAPA Expo Europe

Exhibition: 13-15 September 2022

McDonald's WWC22

McDonald’s WWC22 : Kylii Kids introduces its Virtual Reality Tower for kids at the McFamily!

Kylii Kids has exhibited at its first McDonald’s international convention : McDonald’s WWC22 ! It was an opportunity to introduce our Virtual Reality Tower for kids to McDonald’s franchisees around the world. It was such a wonderful experience to have both children and grown-ups play and have fun with our McDonalds approved interactive game.

McDonald’s WWC22, the international and major event of the golden arches brand

McDonald’s welcomed more than 12,000 McDonald’s franchisees, suppliers, team members and employees from all over the world to its convention. It was at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), one of the largest and most prestigious convention centers in the United States!

The McDonald’s WWC22 reunion was highly anticipated. The participants were looking forward to be re-united after such a particular time.

McDonald's WWC22

And for Kylii Kids, it was a premiere! We were very happy and proud to be part of this special event. It was an opportunity to present to the entire McFamily our virtual reality tower for children, approved by McDonald’s for their indoor PlayPlace areas.

The Virtual Reality Tower Kylii View®, a game approved by McDonald’s

With its super cute robot design, which reminds us of a hero from a famous cartoon studio, Kylii View has melted the hearts of the franchisees at McDonald’s WWC22.

Approved by McDonald’s, Kylii View is a virtual reality tower that rotates 360 degrees. It’s a bit like a tourist telescope, but with this one, children can interact with two buttons and discover extraordinary virtual worlds.

McDonald's WWC22

Both sizes were available at the Kylii Kids booth at McDonald’s WWC22. There was a baby Kylii View for ages 6-9 and its big brother for ages 9-12.

A 3rd Kylii View was also available at the other end of the convention at the Kompan Commercial System booth (We thank them again for this temporary adoption 🙂 )

McDonald's WWC22

Let’s travel together through virtual worlds in PlayPlace areas

Let’s bring magic to the PlayPlace areas ! Participants were invited to have fun, interact and play many games on themes such as ecology, nature, science, food…

McDonald's WWC22

All games are developed by the Kylii Kids teams and are regularly renewed so that children can discover what’s new in the McDonald’s play area every time they visit!

Kylii Kids Contacts

We would like to thank the McFamily again for this AMAZING experience! And if you couldn’t attend the event, don’t hesitate to contact us by email for more information:

See you soon in the children’s play areas 🙂

Kylii Kids at EuroShop 2020

Kylii Kids at EuroShop 2020

Augmented reality games, touch table, interactive touchscreens and, the last and not least the new Kylii virtual reality game … They will all be available to test on the EuroShop exhibiton in Dusseldörf (Germany) next February (2020).

Leaders in retailtainment, It’s at EuroShop, the world’s leading retail trade show, that Kylii Kids choose to present its new products designed to equip retail stores. From 16th to 20th of February in Düsseldorf, Germany for the new edition of the Euroshop. Find us in Hall 07A Stand E07.

Tower Kylii View

What’s new at Kylii Kids ?

For the first time in Germany, Kylii Kids is pleased to present the latest game to its range of interactive games: the Tower Kylii View – virtual reality games and experiences!

Invite the children to travel, to roam the air, the seas, space with virtual reality! The children look through the headset and they are immediately immersed in an original play universe. Kylii View is specially designed for intensive use by children.

IAAPA Expo Europe 2019: Kylii kids, booth 4054

The leisure and attraction industry is hugely significant with an expected 15,000 professionals visiting the IAAPA Expo Europe in September.  The event showcases the latest technologies, innovative products and enhanced services, such as Kylii Kids. 

The leisure and amusement industry critically need to make their mark to attract visitors.  IAAPA Expo Europe is the largest international trade show in the entertainment and attractions sector within EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).  This extensive event is the perfect meeting place for professionals from amusement parks, water parks, FEC’s, zoos, aquariums, museums, casinos and other establishments to discover innovations that will both attract and retain their share of the market.

Kylii kids lead the way in leisure

IAAPA Expo Europe 2019 (previously Euro Attractions Show, EAS) will facilitate by showcasing a vast range of new products and services.  As a member of IAAPA, Kylii Kids will be part of booth 4054 with Kylii Kids France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, UK and Dubai on board.


IAAPA Expo Europe

booth 4054

Conference: 16th to 19th September 2019

Trade Show: 17th to 19th September 2019

Paris Porte de Versailles, Paris

Kylii Kids pour un Retail Tech Tour

Kylii Kids in Germany

The United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and now Germany … Clearly, the concept of digital playgrounds proposed by Kylii Kids is sufficiently relevant and innovative to cross borders with the Retail Tech Tour !

“Thanks to Business France,” explains Antoine Nuger, Commercial Director of Kylii Kids, “we were able to conduct a targeted prospecting mission to Germany on a list of clients who are difficult to approach for a company that is not yet locally established. Several contacts were initiated and the conclusion of a first collaboration with the company ECE, landowner at the head of many shopping centers, was able to start successfully “. Encouraging results that have motivated Kylii Kids to offer digital playground solutions to major players in Germany, within the sector, via the Retail Tech Tour organized by Business France.

90 million consumers to target

From 18th to 19th February 2019, Kylii Kids will meet the big names of the German retail sector at EuroCIS, the leading trade show in Europe for retail tech, and also attend the Retail Technology Awards Europe 2019. A real opportunity, knowing that in 2017 the total turnover of the stationary and online retail trade in Germany amounted to about 479 billion euros against 471.5 billion euros in 2016, an annual growth of 1, 5%.

Kylii Kids au NRF 2019 Retail's Big Show

Tower Kylii View presented exclusively at NRF 2019

With more than 700 exhibitors and 37,000 visitors from over 100 countries The NRF Big Show has not failed in its reputation as the largest international exhibition dedicated to retail. 

From big players to smaller start-ups all looking to the future of the industry this was the perfect expo for Kylii Kids and the event was a huge success!  We have made contact with numerous potential customers and partners in a market that is conducive to solutions for digital play areas and interactive child spaces. The show was also an opportunity to unveil Kylii Kids’ latest innovation: Tower Kylii View.

Le plein de recontres au NRF 2019 pour Kylii Kids

Virtual reality is “amazing”!

“Retail today is not an establishment, it’s an experience. And the more you impact people, the more you impact perception, and ultimately – profit “. This vision from the NRF Big Show website, corresponds perfectly to the latest product in our range. The interactive gaming experience for children is entering a new era with virtual reality solutions. Using a VR headset, the player is immersed in a parallel universe that covers their entire field of vision through a panoramic display.  It’s new, it’s cool, it’s digital, it’s interactive, it’s immersive, kids love it! For businesses, the opportunity to attract, engage and retain a family audience is outstanding and with VR you can maximise that appeal.

Kylii Kids at NRF Retail Big Show 2019

Kylii Kids share realisation with LSA before NRF 2019

In advance of the NRF Retail Show 2019, LSA devoted an entire article to Kylii Kids and our products that are about to break into the American market.

In a few days, one of the most important exhibitions dedicated to the world of retail will open its doors for a new edition dedicated to the future. Kylii Kids were selected by Business France to demonstrate our products within the famous French Tech Pavillion.

Kylii Kids’ assets

The New York show is a valuable gateway into the tough and competitive US market. Kylii Kids have some great products which we revealed to the LSA in a dedicated article. In the United States, the place of families in commerce is particularly important. With our unique experiences of awesome digital playgrounds and super cool interactive children’s spaces, Kylii Kids will really appeal to American consumers!