Kylii Touch ®
Kids touchscreen kiosks for your play area

Create your kids corners with the Kylii Touch ® range of kids touchscreen kiosks. 

From a very young age, today’s children are very intuitive with touch games. They understand everything right away. In no time at all, let’s go!

According to a study by Novachild, children also play a role as prescribers within families. It is essential to meet their growing expectations of interactive experiences.

The content offered in your kids touchscreen terminals must be qualitative, beautiful and ergonomic. With Kylii Touch® kiosks, success is guaranteed with your little visitors!

Over 80 entertaining and intelligent touch games for children

Providing touch games for children is good. But if the content is varied, adapted to children and above all intelligent, it’s better!

Ecology, fashion, science, health, nature, sports… It’s important for us to offer a variety of themes so that children can choose what suits them best.

More than 80 games that combine reflection, skill and observation are currently available in our catalogue of kids touch terminals.

The different types of kids touchscreen kiosks

Kylii Kids has created a range of touch games and furniture adapted to your available space. Children can play alone or with others, depending on the number of touchscreens at their disposal. And they have fun with exclusive touch games, regularly renewed and adapted to their age (from 3 to 12 years).

Pupitre tactile enfants Kylii Touch


If your aim is to keep children occupied and waiting quietly in a waiting room or while parents are talking to a counsellor, for example. With its integrated seat, the desk is an ideal solution!

Caisson mural tactile enfants Kylii Touch

Wall boxes

Do you have little space or do you wish to integrate a touch terminal into the customer experience? Compact and wall-mounted, the Kylii Touch box adapts to all situations.

3 players stations

With 3 screens, the multi-screen station is perfect for creating a multiplayer touch gaming space with a minimum of space.

Why choose Kylii Kids touchscreen kiosks?

Fun and ergonomic, our touchscreen kiosks are suitable for all public places, restaurants or points of sale for the greatest pleasure of children and families.

Resistant, our kiosks are specially designed for intensive use. They are available in different sizes to fit your available space.

Why choose Kylii Kids touchscreen kiosks?

Our customers

They have chosen Kylii Touch® kiosks for their kids corners

A playhouse offers personalized digital experiences around the brand's universe in its Petit Bateau boutiques all over the world.

In a place where the shopping premium, the good idea is to equip the salons of fitting with touchscreen kiosks to make wait the children!

The brand is offering an original experience with touch terminals, interactive floors and augmented reality screens in its restaurants.

An interactive floor and touch desks to keep the youngest visitors waiting before boarding.

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  •  Vib's
  •  Flunch
  •  Eurotunnel TOUCH
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  •  Shell