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indoor playgrounds for kids

Indoor playgrounds for kids share their experience with the interactive treasure hunt

How to create new features in indoor playgrounds for kids without investing in expensive and heavy play equipment?  Moreover, how  increase your revenues ? So many questions that many indoor playgrounds for kids are wondering about… And so many questions that led Kylii Kids to develop the interactive treasure hunt in order to solve these problems!

After a successful launch this year, Kylii Kids collects the first feedback of two Belgian indoor playgrounds for kids equipped with the interactive treasure hunt.

A direct return on investment through sale of individual games or in birthday packages

At Ö’minus, the individual game costs 2 euros.“For individual games, the terminal is always there for children to play. And we’ve noticed that as soon as one or two kids play, all the other kids are interested in playing too. “

Nicolas, the director of the indoor playground, tells us before adding that the number of games sold per day varies according to the park’s attendance (10 games/day)

For Laetitia from Stardust, the feedback on birthdays “It’s really very encouraging! And the other children see the birthday children playing, having fun, running around… They ask us lots of questions (about the price, how it works). There is a real attraction just by seeing the others playing. I send them for half an hour, I think that’s more than enough, no more, no less, it’s very good. “

At Stardust, the birthday formula is priced at an extra 4€ per child with a minimum of 8 children averaging 6 to 9 years old.

At Öminus, the price is 1.5€ per child, with an average of one birthday out of 3 with the interactive treasure hunt. “We do birthdays starting at age 4, but I still recommend it for ages 6 and up.”

More innovative indoor playgrounds for kids with the interactive treasure hunt

And the quest for novelty to renew the experience of children is one of the greatest challenges of indoor playgrounds for kids:

“My boss is always looking for something new to distinguish from other playgrounds! And right from the start, the kids were drawn to the treasure hunt, they liked it right away. “

says Laetitia, birthday manager at Stardust Park
indoor playgrounds for kids

At O’minüs too, the decision was made to go for something new, as Nicolas, the director, points out “We wanted to take advantage of this recovery to make our playground more modern, more innovative. For us, it was really a time to change everything up and get away from the classic play modules. It was really the kind of experience for kids that we wanted to add to our playground.”

A new age group reached for a playground that evolves with the children!

According to Nicolas from Ö’minus, even the older children, who are usually less receptive to playgrounds, love the treasure hunt.

indoor playgrounds for kids

The playground also receives summer camps and sells the team treasure hunt with the “Team Battle” mode with groups of 30 to 60 people : “This summer we sold the treasure hunt to the summer camps, one time I even had a group of 13-14 year olds. And usually that’s really too old for a playground, so I offered them the treasure hunt and they loved it!”

Contact Kylii Kids

Do you also want to install an innovative and interactive treasure hunt in your indoor playground?

Contact Kylii Kids at +33 3 20 93 36 10 or by E-mail via We will be happy to answer your questions and share your needs! 🙂

Motorway areas with children

Motorway areas: new places to go with children?

Here we are. It’s summer! And like every year, thousands of tourists stop by motorway areas with children daily. Even if, at first, there was only petrol available at these stations. The service areas on motorways are being transformed into real places to stay. Especially because of the waiting time for electric recharging (about 30 minutes). There are now shops, restaurants and services for all the family.

Set up interactive children’s areas in motorway service stations to meet families’ expectations

With approximately 4 billion families worldwide representing half of the population, the family target is definitely a strategic target for service station operators.

Motorway areas with children

According to the Novachild cluster study, “1 in 3 parents have already left a sales outlet because of their child. That’s millions abandoned visits per year”.1 Children are both specifiers and disruptors. Therefore, they become a major focus for these motorway service areas and their businesses.

Motorway areas with children : From travel stop to family destination

In order to be perceived as more than just a  stop but as a real destination, service station operators must renew their services and offer more services and experiences to their customers.

“Four million people pass through our toilets every year, but only half of them buy something,” regrets Géraud Visinoni, the person in charge of the Areas site in Assevillers.2

Going to motorway areas with children without dedicated structures or areas with appropriate interactive content is complicated. Families get back on the road faster and shorten their visit. And this naturally reduces the shopping budget of the on-site stores.

Improve waiting time management for children during electric power recharging

Habits are changing and more and more families are equipping with hybrid or electric vehicles. And petrol companies are adapting to market trends. “They are investing in setting up electric charging station networks. For example, Total already has 18,000 charging points in France and more than 100,000 in Europe.”3

Just as shopping habits are changing, motorway stations are evolving from transactional to relational marketing.

For example, Total Energies, Argedis, Shell, Thevenin Ducrot, Picoty Avia, Autogrill, Areas, Sodiplec, Gridserve… All these companies have equipped their motorway service areas with Kylii Kids interactive areas to manage children’s waiting and excitement.

Motorway areas with children

When the break is required and takes time, their interactive children’s areas have a double role to play:

  • Turning a mandatory moment ( gas up or toilet stop) into a recreational moment ( playing and experiencing with the family).
  • Turn a casual visitor into a loyal customer. Managing children’s waiting time (30 minutes on average per reload) allows parents to increase consumption and the average shopping basket.

Business case: With Kylii Kids, children play while the car is charging at Gridserve

While the parents enjoy their coffee and charge their car… Gridserve and Kylii Kids have everything under control! In this new generation electrical station, powered entirely by solar panels, children play and learn with interactive games about ecology and nature.

Motorway areas with children

See the full article on the Gridserve interactive children’s area.

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Léon play area

Léon play area – Kylii Kids Touch Table in the new restaurant concept

To offer customers a unique experience, LÉON, previously known as “Léon de Bruxelles”, is introducing a brand new “Fish Brasserie” concept. This concept integrates a Léon play area with the Kylii Kids touch table.

Léon’s “Fish Brasserie”, a “Family Friendly” concept

In the new Léon concept, called “Fish Brasserie”, we can see ropes, green ceramics, traps, shellfish and… a new Léon play area equipped with a Kylii Kids touch table!

According to Mr. Villegas – General Manager & Franchisee of LÉON “Fish Brasserie” Reims – the tactile table is a great success with customers! It pleases the children but also their parents:

” Families are very happy, we always place the families next to the children play area… The kids are delighted and when children are happy, the parents are happy too.”

Kylii Kids touch table allows children to play together (up to 6 players at the same time). Its catalogue of more than 25 games is regularly renewed and the games available are about current themes that are popular with children (nature, ecology, animals, science, etc.).

Mr Villegas also mentions that the children gather together around the table and share friendly moments.

“They play around the table together, they play with others. It’s suitable for all ages because it’s fun, it moves, so that makes it so interesting (…) It’s very modern for children, children understand quickly and it’s so simple to use with lots of games on a simple table!” 

With the Léon play area, children are entertained and their parents are also delighted!

According to a study by the NPD Group, family meals represent 30% of all visits to commercial restaurants, i.e. 360 million visits, and in 22% of cases, it is the child who influences the choice of restaurant for the rest of the family.

It is clear that to attract families to a restaurant, it’s important that the restaurant provides services for children, and LÉON restaurant brand has understood this.

This is why Léon play area integrates the tactile table in a room dedicated to children and various accessories (sailor hats) to please the kids.

According to the RestoConnection website, equipping a restaurant with “kid-friendly” facilities is an opportunity to attract between 20 and 25% more customers.

Aire de jeux léon 3

Currently in the rollout phase, the brand has already installed tactile tables for children in five Léon play areas (Léon Chambray les Tours, Léon Evry Lisses, Léon Nancy Vandoeuvre, Léon Reims Thillois and Léon Servon). And the deployment continues in the remodelling and new restaurants integrating the “Fish Brasserie” concept.

Get in touch with Kylii Kids

Would you like to install an interactive children’s play area in your restaurants?

Contact Kylii Kids on +33 (0)3 20 93 36 10 or by e-mail at We will be happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions 🙂

McDonald's WWC22

McDonald’s WWC22 : Kylii Kids introduces its Virtual Reality Tower for kids at the McFamily!

Kylii Kids has exhibited at its first McDonald’s international convention : McDonald’s WWC22 ! It was an opportunity to introduce our Virtual Reality Tower for kids to McDonald’s franchisees around the world. It was such a wonderful experience to have both children and grown-ups play and have fun with our McDonalds approved interactive game.

McDonald’s WWC22, the international and major event of the golden arches brand

McDonald’s welcomed more than 12,000 McDonald’s franchisees, suppliers, team members and employees from all over the world to its convention. It was at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), one of the largest and most prestigious convention centers in the United States!

The McDonald’s WWC22 reunion was highly anticipated. The participants were looking forward to be re-united after such a particular time.

McDonald's WWC22

And for Kylii Kids, it was a premiere! We were very happy and proud to be part of this special event. It was an opportunity to present to the entire McFamily our virtual reality tower for children, approved by McDonald’s for their indoor PlayPlace areas.

The Virtual Reality Tower Kylii View®, a game approved by McDonald’s

With its super cute robot design, which reminds us of a hero from a famous cartoon studio, Kylii View has melted the hearts of the franchisees at McDonald’s WWC22.

Approved by McDonald’s, Kylii View is a virtual reality tower that rotates 360 degrees. It’s a bit like a tourist telescope, but with this one, children can interact with two buttons and discover extraordinary virtual worlds.

McDonald's WWC22

Both sizes were available at the Kylii Kids booth at McDonald’s WWC22. There was a baby Kylii View for ages 6-9 and its big brother for ages 9-12.

A 3rd Kylii View was also available at the other end of the convention at the Kompan Commercial System booth (We thank them again for this temporary adoption 🙂 )

McDonald's WWC22

Let’s travel together through virtual worlds in PlayPlace areas

Let’s bring magic to the PlayPlace areas ! Participants were invited to have fun, interact and play many games on themes such as ecology, nature, science, food…

McDonald's WWC22

All games are developed by the Kylii Kids teams and are regularly renewed so that children can discover what’s new in the McDonald’s play area every time they visit!

Kylii Kids Contacts

We would like to thank the McFamily again for this AMAZING experience! And if you couldn’t attend the event, don’t hesitate to contact us by email for more information:

See you soon in the children’s play areas 🙂

Shell children's playgrounds

Shell children’s playgrounds are going phygital!

A new design, a new concept, and of course… new Shell children’s playgrounds! For a few months now, the Shell stations have been wearing their most beautiful shades on their motorway areas!

The Kylii Kids interactive tables and touch desks are shining in Shell stations in a lovely sunny yellow! The new children’s play equipment shines in the motorway areas. And even when it’s raining outside 🙂

To meet families’ expectations more efficiently…

The same old song in the family car! ” How long?”, “I have to pee”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m bored”… That’ s why families are looking for the best motorway service areas before starting their trip. The ones with dedicated services… Like the Shell children’s playgrounds for example! That’s why they are deployed!

And, because children have new digital expectations, these corners mix physical wooden games with the new interactive Kylii Kids games.

 Shell Kinderspielplätze

Make friends during the stopover!

On the menu at the Shell motorway service area: stretch your legs, shop around, have lunch, drink a coffee before setting off and then, most importantly… let the children make new friends around the Kylii Kids touch table!

The Kylii table is a collaborative game that can welcome up to 6 players simultaneously! A new interactive activity to play together, make new friends or have fun with your parents. It offers a catalogue of games on intelligent themes such as science, nature or the environment…

The Kylii table takes a central role in the Shell children’s play area. Next to it are two touch desks. These desks are equipped with more than sixty interactive games on playful and intelligent themes (sport, food, nature). The first desk is equipped with a seat. And the second is adapted for children with reduced mobility (PRM).

Finally, a wooden game hanging on the wall adds a physical touch to this Shell children’s playground concept.

Shell children’s playgrounds: a deployment that is fast growing!

You can now find our Shell children’s playgrounds in the Les Haras area, the Villeneuve Vauluisant area, the Keskastel West area, the Villeneuve l’Archevêque area and the Vémars EST area 🙂

And in other Shell motorway areas very soon!

Get in touch with Kylii Kids

Would you like to install interactive children’s playgrounds in your motorway service areas?

Contact Kylii Kids at We will be happy to hear about your needs and answer your questions!

Motorway areas with children

Digital kids corner Gridserve at the first Electric Forecourt® in the UK !

While parents have a coffee and recharge their car, at the digital kids corner Gridserve, all is done to make sure the kids learn something new and have fun. Thanks to Kylii Kids UK, children discover new and exciting experiences at the first Electric Forecourt® by Gridserve in Braintree, Essex. (UK).​

Powered by clean solar energy and clever battery storage technology, the site is the first one over 100 Electric Forecourts® being built by GRIDSERVE over the next five years. In this new concept, customer experience and quality service for everyone is a key point. Kylii Kids UK worked hand by hand with GRIDSERVE to make sure the best experiences are provided to ths kids.

Digital Kids Corner GridserveToddington Harper, Founder and CEO of GRIDSERVE said “Charging has to be simple and free of anxiety, which is why we’ve designed our Electric Forecourts® entirely around the needs of drivers”.

GRIDSERVE’s purpose is to provide spectacular charging facilities at the same time as delivering an awesome customer experience. That’s why they decided to use Kylii Kids’ services, as the leader in interactive children’s areas, to install the best digital kids corner in their new concept.

Digital kids corner Gridserve : A whole interactive area dedicated to children

A dedicated area has been mapped out for children by Kylii Kids UK in this digital kids corner Gridserve. In this play area, children have fun with many different interactive game experiences offering adventure and education. Two touch panels, a virtual reality tower, an augmented reality totem and a tactile table provide active and interactive activities. Kylii kids supply over 180 interactive games about several subjects such as ecology, science, healthy food…

Digital Kids Corner Gridserve


GRIDSERVE’s purpose is to deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change. GRIDSERVE develops, builds, owns and operates solar energy and battery storage solutions for critical power infrastructure. GRIDSERVE’s team have been responsible for the development, construction and operation of more than a gigawatt of solar energy and energy storage solutions, including connecting over 100 utility-scale sustainable energy projects to the UK grid. GRIDSERVE is interested in exploring new electric vehicle charging and sustainable energy opportunities, including new hybrid solar farms, Electric Forecourts® and remote power solutions.

About Kylii Kids UK

Kylii Kids UK has been the first partner to join up with Kylii Kids. They distribute Kylii Kids’ interactive children’s games throughout the United Kingdom. Before this exciting project with Gridserve, Kylii Kids UK had already worked on innovative concepts and large-scale projects such as the Primark Cafe with Disney concept.

You are in the UK and you have a children’s space project? Please, feel free to contact the Kylii Kids UK team who will be happy to answer you!

D14 Metropolitan Park
Greenford London – UB6 8UJ – ENGLAND – Tel : +44 (0)20 3488 3602

Interactive floor Tivoli UHC

Interactive floor Tivoli UHC : Welcome children with games in the hospital

After almost two years of work in La Louvière, a whole new building is opening at the Tivoli UHC (University Hospital Centre). A new structure dedicated to children’s care: “La Polyclinique de l’Enfant”. In this clinic, everything is done to ensure that the visit of the little children is a stress-free experience. This is why Kylii Kids has installed an interactive floor  Tivoli UHC to help them wait in a comfortable environment.

Interactive floor Tivoli UHC : Several interactive games for children

With the Kylii Kids interactive floor, children’s imagination can be alive! They are free to invent stories, explore and dream of adventures… Thanks to a video projector and a 3D camera, the floor is animated under their feet! Exploring a treasure island, playing hide-and-seek with forest animals or observing the ocean abyss… Young patients can immerse themselves in a virtual universe with a very wide range of themes.

Interactive floor Tivoli UHC waiting area

Put kids at the center of the clinic and provide waiting areas designed to be child-friendly.

Thus, the objective of the building is to keep the child at the centre of attention in order to increase the comfort of these little patients.

“The child is our main concern, our objective is to take care of him/her and this caring place will allow us to do so without all the anxiety and discomfort that a hospital environment can cause. We want to make the building live over the years and seasons around the world of the child. What drives us is to see the young patients and their parents happy… We have made sure that the waiting areas are fun for the children, and there will be entertainment modules adapted according to age. We have made sure that the waiting areas are fun for the children, and there will be entertainment modules adapted to the different ages”, says Dr Roxane Rossignol, Head of the Paediatric Department.


The University Hospital of Tivoli is an integral part of the network of health care institutions of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The hospital has 515 registered beds, polyclinics and since 6th of July 2021 a polyclinic entirely dedicated to children.

Interactive floor Tivoli UHC

KFC Rocourt kids corner

KFC Rocourt kids corner : First KFC equipped with Kylii Kids in Belgium !

The famous fried chicken restaurant has just arrived in Belgium. The second restaurant is opening around the town of Liege. After France, it is now Belgium’s turn, with the KFC Rocourt kids corner, to be equipped with Kylii Kids’s interactive game solutions!

KFC Rocourt kids corner : A digital and playful area

In its KFC Rocourt kids corner, the American fast-food chain “Kentucky Fried Chicken” has chosen to offer interactive, fun, educational and Made in France experiences by Kylii Kids.

KFC Rocourt kids corner tactile table

In the middle of this interactive area, children can play around the Kylii Touch Table. This is a multiplayer tactile table, designed to welcome 6 children simultaneously. More than 24 cooperative and collaborative games are available on various themes.  (Ecology, health, science, fashion, nature…)

Behind the tactile table, and under the friendly eye of the famous Colonel Sanders… Children can explore virtual reality with the Kylii View tower: Virtual reality binoculars for kids. Colour a 3D world with a virtual paint spray, put on the shoes of a fireman and save a city from flames or have fun with the well-known whack-a-mole game revisited by Kylii Kids… In total, there are nearly twenty virtual reality games available and new ones to discover all year round.

KFC Rocourt kids corner touchscreens

Finally, on the right, there is the Kylii Touch station which completes this area. A touch terminal for children from the Kylii Kids range with 3 individual built-in screens. There are over 70 touch games designed and developed by Kylii Kids for the pleasure of children from 3 to 12 years old.

About KFC BELUX (Belgium Luxembourg) – Projestec SA

Already present in more than 140 countries with 23,000 restaurants, KFC is opening in Wallonia. They plan to roll out both in city centres and outside with a drive-in. The company is partnered with Projestec SA (Franchise Belgium and Luxembourg)! In the next five years, they estimates that it will open at least 20 branches in Wallonia, Brussels and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

KFC Furiani interactive play area

KFC Furiani interactive play area, a new installation by Kylii Kids

After Nancy Laxou, the KFC Furiani interactive play area has been set up by Kylii Kids. Augmented Reality games and a tactile table are now available for little corsicans in this amazing brand new interactive play area ! 

A phygital concept for upcoming share moments

In this fully phygital concept, KFC has chosen to offer mixed, complementary, varied and collaborative experiences. In the play area, we find both a traditional tubular structure and digital games made in France by Kylii Kids.

First, on one side of the KFC Furiani interactive play area, children will have fun with their body movements thanks to the Kylii Air Totem. An augmented reality solution that turns a simple screen into a magic mirror. You can fly a plane just by lifting your arms, put on all kinds of virtual garments like magic… Or even perform a new sporting activity… In total, nearly 40 games available to play, move and stimulate the imagination of young people from Furiani.

Then, on the other side of the digital play area, children will also have the opportunity to play around the Kylii Touch Table. The Kylii Kids Table is multiplayer and allows up to 6 children to play simultaneously. More than 24 cooperative and collaborative games are available on themes both fun and smart. (ecology, fashion, science, nature…)

KFC Furiani interactive play area, a way to get ready to prepare the upcoming reopening…

For now, KFC’s restaurant in Furiani has not yet fully reopened its doors (only for take-away sales). But this project is part of the aim to attract and develop families loyalty. Since the idea of “pleasing the children” is the main motivation for family meals in a restaurant, getting ready for the return of families also means setting up a nice play area for the children.

Kylii Kids Italy Glamour lab

Buongiorno Kylii Kids Italy… Welcome to Glamour Lab, our new partner in Italy !

As we previously announced in the article about Kylii Kids Spain. Well, This is it kids, it’s official, Kylii Kids Italy is born ! Our interactive games for children are landing in Italy! Welcome to Glamour Lab, our new Italian distributor. Buongiorno Kylii Kids Italy!

A new partnership in Italy to get ready for the future

“COVID period has slowed down some projects, but Italy is a country particularly committed to children and families welcome. It will be necessary to attract back customers to shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment places. By sealing this partnership, we are anticipating the takeover and we are strengthening our ability to support large real estate companies and retailers in Italy to prepare for the future” indicates Antoine Nuger – sales director and partner of Kylii Kids. This is why there is a new partnership with Glamour Lab to create Kylii Kids Italy.

Kylii Kids Italy,  a partnership with Glamour Lab, specialist in the design of children’s areas 

Glamour Lab is a professional with a wealth of experience to work up fittings, furnishings and signage for shopping centers, retail parks, outlets and shops. The company has great experience in Kids play areas because they are also the official Italian distributor of RODECO brand products (indoor and outdoor physical playground). It augurs well for great phygital projects for Kylii Kids Italy’s future, both digital and physical!

“Glamour Lab is very happy to represent Kylii Kids in Italy as the leader in digital and interactive kids areas. With its range of interactive solutions (augmented reality, virtual reality, touch tables), we will be able to provide an appropriate answer to our retail, shopping malls and restaurant customers who want to improve the family experience ” indicates Massimo Libanora – Commercial Director and Partner of Glamour Lab.

Other countries on the horizon for Kylii Kids …

After Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Dubai and now Italy, Kylii Kids is always looking for new partners, especially in Germany, United States and Russia … You want to sell our products in your country and become an official Kylii Kids reseller? Please Contact Antoine Nuger by email:

You are in Italy and you have a kids corner project ? Please Contact Glamour Lab to deploy Kylii Kids solutions !

Via Brescia, 2
36040 Torri Di Quartesolo
Vicenza – Italy

+39 0444 1831788