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Indoor playgrounds for kids share their experience with the interactive treasure hunt

How to create new features in indoor playgrounds for kids without investing in expensive and heavy play equipment?  Moreover, how  increase your revenues ? So many questions that many indoor playgrounds for kids are wondering about… And so many questions that led Kylii Kids to develop the interactive treasure hunt in order to solve these problems!

After a successful launch this year, Kylii Kids collects the first feedback of two Belgian indoor playgrounds for kids equipped with the interactive treasure hunt.

A direct return on investment through sale of individual games or in birthday packages

At Ö’minus, the individual game costs 2 euros.“For individual games, the terminal is always there for children to play. And we’ve noticed that as soon as one or two kids play, all the other kids are interested in playing too. “

Nicolas, the director of the indoor playground, tells us before adding that the number of games sold per day varies according to the park’s attendance (10 games/day)

For Laetitia from Stardust, the feedback on birthdays “It’s really very encouraging! And the other children see the birthday children playing, having fun, running around… They ask us lots of questions (about the price, how it works). There is a real attraction just by seeing the others playing. I send them for half an hour, I think that’s more than enough, no more, no less, it’s very good. “

At Stardust, the birthday formula is priced at an extra 4€ per child with a minimum of 8 children averaging 6 to 9 years old.

At Öminus, the price is 1.5€ per child, with an average of one birthday out of 3 with the interactive treasure hunt. “We do birthdays starting at age 4, but I still recommend it for ages 6 and up.”

More innovative indoor playgrounds for kids with the interactive treasure hunt

And the quest for novelty to renew the experience of children is one of the greatest challenges of indoor playgrounds for kids:

“My boss is always looking for something new to distinguish from other playgrounds! And right from the start, the kids were drawn to the treasure hunt, they liked it right away. “

says Laetitia, birthday manager at Stardust Park
indoor playgrounds for kids

At O’minüs too, the decision was made to go for something new, as Nicolas, the director, points out “We wanted to take advantage of this recovery to make our playground more modern, more innovative. For us, it was really a time to change everything up and get away from the classic play modules. It was really the kind of experience for kids that we wanted to add to our playground.”

A new age group reached for a playground that evolves with the children!

According to Nicolas from Ö’minus, even the older children, who are usually less receptive to playgrounds, love the treasure hunt.

indoor playgrounds for kids

The playground also receives summer camps and sells the team treasure hunt with the “Team Battle” mode with groups of 30 to 60 people : “This summer we sold the treasure hunt to the summer camps, one time I even had a group of 13-14 year olds. And usually that’s really too old for a playground, so I offered them the treasure hunt and they loved it!”

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