Children’s play areas for your hospital waiting rooms

Waiting in a hospital, clinic, doctor or dentist can seem endless for adults… but even worse for children!

Entertainment is the perfect prescription to distract children and divert their attention away from the current situation and location. A kids zone promotes a softer and soothing atmosphere for the little ones, their parents and also other patients. Virtual reality, interactive floors, augmented reality, cartoons, touch terminals… all provide escapism and fun.

Why choose interactive and digital children's games?

Digital games correspond to the expectations of today’s young people. That’s why our game studio develops exclusive multimedia and interactive solutions.

Particular attention is paid to the design and the educational element. Some activities even include topics adapted to the health care environment to simulate the medical environment (for example discovering the human body, treating patients and turning into Super-Drug!).

In addition, our catalogue of interactive games is comprehensive and varied enough to offer children several games on the same device to avoid repetition.

Safe, hygienic and fun entertaiment, designed for kids

The games in your waiting room are often used intensively. As health professionals, it’s not great to offer your patients dirty or damaged toys scattered across the floor. Equip your waiting room with solutions that are tidy, durable, resistant and easy to clean for optimum hygiene and safety.

No operational interaction, staff training or direct device maintenance is necessary as all products are fully automated, even power up/power down. With Kylii Kids, you have a range of professional digital games adapted for your medical practice or hospital.

Find games adapted to the hospital or medical environment

In her book, The Child in the Hospital, Play Therapy, Ivonny Lindquist , Play Therapy “if a child feels relaxed and happy, not only will their stay in hospital be much easier, but their development and healing will benefit“. But it is still essential to find adapted games corresponding to the expectations of the children of today.

Find games adapted to the hospital or medical environment

Our clients



An interactive floor to entertain kids in the hospital waiting room.

Hopital Roger Salengro

A touch terminal to animate the children's waiting room.

CHRU Brest

An interactive floor and a touch terminal to equip the children's area of the paediatric haemato-oncology unit.
  •  Hopital Roger Salengro
  •  CHRU Brest