Interactive and digital children’s games for your motorway services & railway stations

“Are we there yet?”. The dreaded sentence heard many times during long car trips on the motorway… Regular breaks, in motorway services, are required with the hope of finding a welcoming and relaxing venue en-route.

The solution? An area within the services dedicated to children including an indoor interactive playground, where children can stretch their legs and let off steam.

Because travel is as important as the destination, this milestone is a way to attract and retain families, getting everyone out of the car and onsite.

Why choose interactive and digital children's games?

An indoor play area, yes but not just any play area.

Children are now drawn to digital technology-based gaming.  Our games combine the digital with the physical for the ultimate experience.  From immersing the player in an augmented reality experience to jumping around an interactive floors then escaping on an adventure in the virtual reality world.

In addition to visually attractive furnishings and eye-catching games, Kylii Kids solutions reduce cleaning and staffing costs as devices only require a surface wipe and no operational interaction or management.  Even power up/power down is automated and all devices are remotely maintained.

3 key locations to develop a kids zone within the motorway services environment

Families identify re-fuelling and rest stops ahead of their journey and plan according to the facilities available. Blogs, forums and social media play a large role in directing families to find the most child friendly options along the way. A good example is with over 900 search results relating to motorway services.

Families: a large proportion of visitors to your rest areas

With more than 19 million families in the UK*, this segment of the population represents a large proportion of visitors to your rest areas. What do you currently offer families to entice and maintain their custom?

* Office for national

Families: a large proportion of visitors to your rest areas

Our clients

They have chosen Interactive and digital children's games for their motorway services


A complete interactive play area with all our solutions, to best welcome families.


An interactive floor to stretch the legs of little travellers, in the Vironvay motorway area.


Augmented reality to entertain children at the Dracé and Porte de la Drôme motorway stations.

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