Create an interactive kids play area in your hotels or resorts

The quality of hospitality for children staying at your hotels is essential as this is a determining factor for families booking a holiday or selecting a destination.

Little ones do get bored quickly and need to let off steam which can be disruptive for their parents and other guests.

Kylii Kids physical kids corners combine physical activity with mental stimuli to engage young guests and provide new experiences.

In addition, many activities are multiplayer, the opportunity to socialise and make new friends. VR, augmented reality, cartoons, interactive floor, touch screens or combining attractions for a unique interactive playground….The choice is yours and we are here to help!


Why choose interactive and digital children's games?

Complementing your hotel with kid friendly amenities is the opportunity to attract between 20 and 25% additional customers*. However, children’s interests have evolved. They are now attracted and engaged by leading-edge technology driven entertainment options.

A kids corner with digital activities for all age groups of children is therefore a real asset. In addition to innovative and original interactive games, they can explore new experiences that, they will never forget.

Solutions are low maintenance and autonomous. There is no staff involvement required at any stage of operation (even power up / power down is automated).

Safe and hygienic : Devices only require a surface wipe and there are no parts or pieces to cause injury.

Games and software can be updated regularly to offer a new experience on every visit.


3 primary locations benefitting from a kids zone within the hospitality environment:

Finding a hotel equipped with children’s entertainment is paramount when selecting a family get-away. Websites (eg. TripAdvisor, netmums) and social media share family friendly destinations and the better the experience the more families will recommend and return in the future.

Children are increasingly becoming the primary influencers

According to a study* conducted for HomeAway. 86% of parents are listening to their children for family holiday arrangements.

Source: YouGov study conducted online between 20 and 30 April 2015 among a sample of 2,813 children (aged 6 to 18) and parents in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and in Spain.

Children are increasingly becoming the primary influencers

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An interactive multiplayer table to entertain children in this beautiful hotel near Disneyland Paris.

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A touch wall box in this wonderful hotel in Amiens.
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