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Ville 2 Charleroi Espace Enfants Interactif

Head for Ville 2 in Charleroi to discover their new Kylii Kids’ area!

Tomorrow is St Nicholas Day, and at Kylii Kids we have a special thought for our Belgian friends, for whom this tradition is very popular! For last-minute gifts and fun with Kylii Kids interactive games, we’re heading to Belgium, and more specifically to Charleroi in the Ville 2 shopping center!

An interactive journey with the Kylii Wall

Imagine exploring exciting virtual worlds with a simple wave of the hand. Well, that’s exactly what the interactive Kylii Wall offers! Located in the kids corner, families can now go on adventures without leaving the mall. Magical, isn’t it?

A shared touch experience with the Kylii Touch Table

The Kylii Touch Table is at the center of this new kids area. Children share an exciting tactile experience alone or with their families. What’s more, the Kylii Touch Table’s play themes are varied, with a regularly renewed catalog. Action, creativity, reflection, it’s all there!

Relaxation for the grown-ups, games for the little ones

We know that parents also deserve a well-deserved break after St Nicholas or Christmas shopping! That’s why the mall has provided comfortable seating to create a relaxing area around the Ville 2 children’s area. This way, the older children can relax while the younger ones enjoy themselves.

Have you met Elo the Robot 🙂

Last but not least, last week Elo the Robot showed up in one of the gallery’s corridors! Our little Belgian explorers can now dive into exciting underwater adventures thanks to our virtual reality game.

About Charleroi Ville 2

Did you know that Ville 2 welcomes around 4 million visitors a year? The shopping center is part of the SCC-LSGI shopping center network, a leading independent retailer present in several countries, including Belgium. SCC-LSGI reinvents shopping centers to make them spaces for living, exchanging, meeting and experiencing, with a high visitor flow. A destination not to be missed!

Happy St Nicholas to all, and especially to our Belgian neighbours 🙂

Alegro Portugal

New games in the Alegro Portugal centers (Nhood)!

Olá Portugal! There is something new to entertain children in the Alegro Portugal (Nhood) shopping centers. Thanks to Kylii Kids Spain, Portuguese children will be able to play with Kylii Kids’ interactive  games, a perfect solution to attract families! Children have fun while shopping and parents are more relaxed.

What interactive games are available in Alegro Portugal centers?

In all three centers, one or more virtual reality towers allow visitors to explore imaginary worlds. All they have to do is look through the Kylii View binoculars. The child discovers an immersive game world in which they can travel, interact and imagine themselves as the hero of extraordinary adventures!

Alegro Portugal 2

In the Alegro Setubal shopping center, there is an interactive wall, sort of window to another world! A life-size game in which children interact with their fingertips…

In the Alegro Montijo shopping center, children can discover an augmented reality totem. An interactive game that turns a simple screen into a magic mirror with which children play with their body movements.

And finally, in the Alegro Sintra shopping center, there is an interactive floor. A box fixed to the ceiling transforms the floor into an interactive playground, where children can run, play, move and have fun together!

Alegro Portugal 4

About Nhood

Nhood is a new real estate solutions platform for mixed-use projects, owned by the Association Familiale Mulliez (AFM), which operates in urban real estate regeneration with a triple positive impact: social, environmental, economic (People, Planet, Revenue). Its expertise includes the development, operation and marketing of mixed-use assets, asset management, development and promotion.

Nhood brings together the know-how of 1029 experts in 10 European countries to regenerate and sustainably transform an initial portfolio of nearly 300 retail spaces, 30,000 homes and 40 development projects. In Portugal, Nhood manages over €700 million of assets.

Contacts Kylii Kids

Are you looking for interactive children’s games for your shopping centers? Contact Kylii Kids by phone at +33 (0)3 20 93 36 10 or by email at

See you soon in your children’s playgrounds 🙂

Pan Steskal

Kids area Pan Steskal by Kylii Kids in Poland !

Kylii Kids deploys a spectacular interactive kids area Pan Steskal  in their Shopping Gallery located in Czarny Dunajec (South of Poland). No less than 2 tactile tables, 3 Virtual Reality towers and 4 tactile desks are ready for the children when the center will open in June 2021!

In Steskal stores, services and customer experience are the top priorities. The company’s goal is to create friendly places where the whole family will have a good time and be happy to come back. And that’s why, in one of the 20 points of sale of the Pan Steskal bakery and pastry shop, the interactive Kylii Kids games were installed and decorated with their most beautiful colors!

A multi-activity kids area Pan Steskal dedicated to children

In this new concept, a huge interactive Kylii Kids area has been installed so that children can have fun and enjoy while their parents are doing their shopping.

On both sides of this kids area, children can play around the Kylii Touch Tables to have fun together. On each tactile table, up to 6 children can play simultaneously. And it’s more than 24 cooperative and collaborative games available on playful and nice themes. (ecology, fashion, science, nature…)

On the other side of this area, 4 Kylii Touch desks of all sizes are lined up (3-6 years, 6-9 years, 9-12 years and P.M.R). In total, nearly 70 playful and smart touch games will be available to young customers.

And finally, in the center of the space, 3 Kylii View Virtual Reality towers (2 for 6-9 years old and 1 for 9-12 years old) make them travel through virtual worlds, in the air, to the sea or even space thanks to virtual reality.

About Pan Steskal

Pan Steskal started as a family bakery business. Then, the company expanded into several areas (delicatessen chain, artistic cakes, catering, retail…). Pan Steskal is now operating in a new and modern shopping center in Czarny Dunajec.

Kylii Touch in Lagoh, Sevilla

Kylii Kids in the new shopping mall: Lagoh in Sevilla

14 million visitors expected per year, 100,000 m2 of space, a central lake: the new shopping center Lagoh in Seville is not halfway! And because he will also be at the forefront of technology and customer experience, Kylii Kids has been solicited.

Kylii Kids is accelerating in Spain. While waiting for other new deployments of interactive Kids corners that we will communicate very soon, Kylii Kids Spain deploys its gaming solutions the brand new shopping center of Seville: Lagoh. The Lar España Group at the origin of the complex has seen the big picture with an area of 100,000 square meters of shops, greenery and leisure.

The shopping center has even a central lake with an area equivalent to two Olympic swimming pools. Around, you can visit hundreds of fashion stores (Primark, Inditex group brands, H & M or Victoria’s Secret and Hollister) or catering.

Lagoh, Sevilla

A mall under the Kylii Kids experience

With Lagoh, the initiators of the project have really sought to offer an experience and a customer journey different from what exists on the market, whether in terms of the diversity of activities on offer (climbing area, aerodynamic tunnel, artificial beach, etc. .) than technological innovation.

Kylii Kids has its place with its tables and touch panels Kylii Touch but also the virtual reality totem Kylii View. The children will be delighted! And certainly also the 14 million visitors expected when the resort will run at full speed !

Kylii Touch in Lagoh, Sevilla


The role of the child in the places of distribution

Nova Child, the professional network that innovates for children, has just published a new study on the role of children in distribution.

The child has a role of prescriber but also disruptor. Numerous statistics prove that this is the case, however one statistic stands out;  1 in 3 parents have already left a store because of their child.

This is nearly 6 million abandoned visits and 1 million families regularly concerned. That’s why Kylii Kids solutions are designed to attract families by taking care of the child during the parents’ purchase journey. They make it possible to engage and retain families thanks to our digital and interactive kid zones.


Would you like to have information about our solutions for one of your projects? Do not hesitate to contact us here.

Tape à l'oeil Docks Brussels

Tape à l’œil and Kylii Kids at the Docks Bruxsel shopping centre

Kylii Kids continues to expand with Tape in Belgium in the new Docks Bruxsel shopping centre.


Tape à l’oeil has just opened its new store in the Docks Bruxsel shopping centre.

Kylii Kids have equipped the point of sale with two personalised tactile boxes in brand colours. They are located near the changing rooms to entertain children while they wait. Parents are able to browse, buy or use the fitting rooms hassle free. By continuing to equip the outlets of Tape à l’œil, Kylii Kids addresses the issue of attracting, welcoming and retaining families in stores.

Would you like to know more about the Kylii Touch box solution? You can have a look here or contact us here for more information!

Interactive terminals at the Rives de l'Orne shopping center

Gesture games for interactive holidays!

During All Saints’ Day holidays, come and have fun in the shopping centre Les Rives de L’Orne in Caen. Kylii Kids deploys 2 giant interactive gaming terminals with 4 screens each!

On the program, 8 interactive gesture games on 8 different themes offered free to all visitors of the shopping centre. At the end of each game, visitors to the mall leave with their souvenir photos. Visit Les Rives l’Orne now and leave with your souvenir photo!

Bornes interactives au centre commercial les Rives de l'Orne

Digital animations Rive Droite

Dinosaurs in augmented reality invite themselves to Rive Droite!

To mark the release of the “Jurassic World” Film, Kylii Kids and the busy Citron agency are deploying an augmented reality dinosaur animation in the Rive Droite shopping centre.  


Beware of the dreaded T-Rex, feed a herd of Triceratops or become a trainer of Pteranodon … As if by magic, the public goes back in time and interacts with dinosaurs for a larger than life experience.

To immortalise this unforgettable experience, participants can take pictures and leave with this souvenir printed on site (from 11h to 14h and 16h to 20h). And that’s not all, the lucky ones, win 2x cinema tickets for Jurassic World at Megarama Bordeaux Bastide, valid from June 10 to 24.


To try the experience, go to the Rive Droite shopping centre in Lormont in front of the Numéricable shop!


Des dinosaures en réalité augmentée s'invitent à Rive Droite !