Improve the reception area of your public establishment with a Kylii interactive kids corner

Your reception area is where the first impression of your establishment often starts.  It is the physical space that directly reflects your establishment’s values.  Additions aided by technology and to engage children spread a hugely positive message while keeping little ones happy and parents/carers grateful.

Kylii Kids digital solutions are designed for use in public places, by kids.  All furniture is manufactured and assembled in the UK and France to the highest standard and in compliance with safety requirements. Products are safe, hygienic and require no operational interaction making them a perfect solution!

Why choose Kylii Kids digital games for your establishment?

Kylii Kids offers more than 150 games and video content to animate your digital children’s spaces. Utilising the latest technologies that children identify with, such as, augmented reality, tactile games and virtual reality, these innovations contribute to a modern image of public institutions and establishments.

Safe and educational indoor play, offering quiet zones and experiences or active and energetic exercise. New features are added throughout the year that will allow you to offer children attractive and long-lasting playground equipment.

All content has been developed in-house to meet both fun and educational requirements.

Solutions for all situations

Digital entertainment to meet the expectations of new generations

From an early age, children today have access to a multitude of digital entertainment (consoles, tablets, smartphones …). For this generation of digital natives, it seems natural to find experiences and interactive games in many public spaces. Better yet, with Kylii Kids solutions, they can discover new technologies like augmented reality or virtual reality.

Digital entertainment to meet the expectations of new generations