Introduce an interactive kids zone in your restaurants

Going out for a family meal in restaurants should build “#happymemories” but can soon turn into every parents’ worst nightmare when children misbehave!

Kids struggle to sit still for long and if they are bored or hungry they can make it known very quickly and loudly! This disrupts the dining experience for their parents, other diners and becomes challenging for your staff too.

Parents often drag along Ipads or Tablets to keep little ones occupied, however this is far from ideal. Providing a better solution will influence the decision making process and parents will select a restaurant with a Kylii interactive play area.

To help build those “#happymemories” and maximise customer satisfaction, invite children to have fun and play quietly in a digital kids zone just for them! Virtual reality, interactive floors, augmented reality, cartoons, touch terminals… Put the digital in the physical and put family back on the restaurant menu… far away from the online menu.

Reimagine your restaurant as a modern destination welcoming families and offering a unique experience.

Complement your marketing activations as parents recommend their favourite child friendly restaurants. In addition to word of mouth, many blogs, sites (eg. TripAdvisor and Netmums) and social media posts are dedicated to family friendly dining experiences. With your new interactive kids space, you:

Our clients

They chose to equip their restaurants with interactive kids games Kylii Kids:

The restaurants in Nancy and Furiani have been equipped with touch tables and terminals as well as an augmented reality screen.

A world dedicated to children in your Crocodile restaurants with multiplayer tables and touchscreen terminals.

The brand is offering an original experience with touch terminals, interactive floors and augmented reality screens in its restaurants.

Brand new concept restaurant offering a kids corner with multiplayer touch tables for the Hippopotamus revival.

Interactive multiplayer tables to keep the kids waiting after dessert...

Interactive play areas welcome children in more than 50 restaurants.

A very nice kids corner at Migros Switzerland, with augmented reality and a multiplayer touch table.

Dedicated children's areas with touchscreen terminals and interactive tables in a dozen Patàpain restaurants.

Pirates Paradise, a new restaurant concept, immerses diners in the pirate underworld with a virtual reality experience in the play area.
  •  KFC
  •  Crocodile
  •  Flunch
  •  Hippopotamus
  •  Léon
  •  Courtepaille
  •  Migros
  •  Patàpain
  •  Pirates Paradise