Ville 2 Charleroi Espace Enfants Interactif

Head for Ville 2 in Charleroi to discover their new Kylii Kids’ area!

Tomorrow is St Nicholas Day, and at Kylii Kids we have a special thought for our Belgian friends, for whom this tradition is very popular! For last-minute gifts and fun with Kylii Kids interactive games, we’re heading to Belgium, and more specifically to Charleroi in the Ville 2 shopping center!

An interactive journey with the Kylii Wall

Imagine exploring exciting virtual worlds with a simple wave of the hand. Well, that’s exactly what the interactive Kylii Wall offers! Located in the kids corner, families can now go on adventures without leaving the mall. Magical, isn’t it?

A shared touch experience with the Kylii Touch Table

The Kylii Touch Table is at the center of this new kids area. Children share an exciting tactile experience alone or with their families. What’s more, the Kylii Touch Table’s play themes are varied, with a regularly renewed catalog. Action, creativity, reflection, it’s all there!

Relaxation for the grown-ups, games for the little ones

We know that parents also deserve a well-deserved break after St Nicholas or Christmas shopping! That’s why the mall has provided comfortable seating to create a relaxing area around the Ville 2 children’s area. This way, the older children can relax while the younger ones enjoy themselves.

Have you met Elo the Robot 🙂

Last but not least, last week Elo the Robot showed up in one of the gallery’s corridors! Our little Belgian explorers can now dive into exciting underwater adventures thanks to our virtual reality game.

About Charleroi Ville 2

Did you know that Ville 2 welcomes around 4 million visitors a year? The shopping center is part of the SCC-LSGI shopping center network, a leading independent retailer present in several countries, including Belgium. SCC-LSGI reinvents shopping centers to make them spaces for living, exchanging, meeting and experiencing, with a high visitor flow. A destination not to be missed!

Happy St Nicholas to all, and especially to our Belgian neighbours 🙂