Tape à l'oeil Docks Brussels

Tape à l’œil and Kylii Kids at the Docks Bruxsel shopping centre

Kylii Kids continues to expand with Tape in Belgium in the new Docks Bruxsel shopping centre.


Tape à l’oeil has just opened its new store in the Docks Bruxsel shopping centre.

Kylii Kids have equipped the point of sale with two personalised tactile boxes in brand colours. They are located near the changing rooms to entertain children while they wait. Parents are able to browse, buy or use the fitting rooms hassle free. By continuing to equip the outlets of Tape à l’œil, Kylii Kids addresses the issue of attracting, welcoming and retaining families in stores.

Would you like to know more about the Kylii Touch box solution? You can have a look here or contact us here for more information!