The village Paillou at Courtepaille: a digital child space signed Courtepaille

The new Courtepaille children’s space concept by Kylii Kids!

The village of Paillou. This is where your children will be entertained during your meal at Courtepaille. A play area made in Kylii Kids!

Kids touch terminals at Courtepaille

From August 2017, a new play area has opened in 14 Courtepaille restaurants. Named the Village du Paillou, it welcomes all children to offer them a fun and interactive playground. Younger guests can play while their parents enjoy a meal in a relaxed atmosphere. Given the success with families, the restaurant chain will deploy it in more than 50 restaurants by the end of April.

Design and maintenance by Kylii Kids

Kylii Kids took care of the design and maintenance. The design of the hut takes the emblematic shape of the sign. The concept of the Village of Paillou provides different activities to discover in the world of Paillou and his band of friends. It combines physical and digital games for over 3 years: abacus, puzzles, creative paintings and more than 50 tactile games.