An effective digital customer journey for families and children

Kylii Kids have been a leader in digital entertainment since 2008 offering a range of interactive, innovative and immersive experiences in dedicated kids zones.

Our digital solutions are proven to increase sales, keeping children engaged and parents relaxed resulting in a positive change in customer spend behaviour.


A reliable industrial partner for your digital deployments

Specialized for more than 12 years in the digital world. We monitor more than 750 sites on a daily basis. Kylii Kids brings you its know-how and experience to deploy autonomous digital solutions managed remotely With our monitoring system and our services contract, you are guaranteed to have screens that work and offer your customers maximum availability of your devices.

Kylii Kids all over the world

Digital children's areas around the world

Kylii Kids have:

Installed more than 750 digital screens
Created over 150 interactive games
Games available in more than 15 languages
Presence in over 20 countries

A unique and "made in Europe" product

A development studio producing over 150 customisable games

A development studio producing over 150 customisable games

A technical team available and present in the UK and throughout Europe

A technical team available and present in the UK and throughout Europe

Designed and manufactured in house

Designed and manufactured in house

From manufacturing to digital content development to installation and on-site maintenance … Kylii Kids controls the entire value chain to ensure an efficient and effective digital deployment.

Kylii Kids Products

A complete range of interactive games to digitalise your customer journey in-house.

Kylii Media

Media zones create a dedicated area for children from 3 to 12 years old with a full range of continuous showtime.

Kylii Air

Be the hero on the screen! Fully immersive 3D gesture games encourage teamwork and active play. Countless games in one place!

Kylii Floor

Keep boredom at bay and transform your floor into a multiplayer interactive playground. Get those kids moving, grooving and jumping!

Kylii Touch

Set up a fun interactive children's area with Kylii Touch. Individual tactile kiosks offer independent games and multiplayer touch tables promote social play. All Kylii games are uniquely designed to educate and entertain. Continuous fun in one zone!

Kylii View

The interactive gaming experience for children is entering a new era with Kylii Kids virtual reality solutions.
  • Suelo interactivo con proyección
  • Borne de réalité augmentée Kylii Air
  • Projection pour sol interactif
  • Table tactile Kylii Touch
  • Borne de réalité virtuelle