Virtual reality: a new children’s gaming experience

Invite children to escape to virtual worlds, journey through air, sea, and space with Kylii Kids virtual reality solutions!

Utilising terminal mounted headsets children are transported into any one of numerous magical realms where they can move, interact and imagine they are the hero.

Virtual reality games for all kids

Discover the stars, find lost treasure at the bottom of the ocean or take-off aboard a spaceship … Kylii Kids offer dozens of virtual reality games and experiences all year round and adapted to different ages.


In the blink of an eye children are immersed in a parallel universe that covers the players entire field of vision through a panoramic display. This technology allows an experiment:


icone vr


The players are in control of their experience by interacting with the virtual environment in which they is immersed.
icone réalité virtuelle


The virtual reality headset allows for total immersion of the player in a fictitious world.


New sensations with virtual reality games and experiences.

Why install a Kylii Kids virtual reality solution?

With Kylii Kids virtual reality furniture, immersion experiences are original, safe and child-friendly.

Children will eagerly tell their friends about the new adventures they have experienced and parents will be taking to social media, resulting in a positive increase to customer base and customer satisfaction.

Why install a Kylii Kids virtual reality solution?