A TV area just for kids

Create a chill out zone for children of all ages with cartoons on demand.  Dedicated terminals designed for public use.  Parents can relax while their children are kept enthralled in a safe and child friendly area.

Hours of cartoons

Bali, Little White Rabbit, Rita and Machin for the little ones, Wakfus or Dofus for the biggest … Kylii Media presents over 9 hours of hit cartoons broadcast on eye catching TV terminals designed for use in public places or Outlets.

Why choose a Kylii Kids Media terminal?

Incorporating media terminals into your kid zone and in conjunction with active games results in a perfectly balanced area for children.



Because all of our software and furniture is built on demand, your kids zone can be tailored around your brand colours and logo.
meubles résistants


Continuous showtime keeps boredom at bay. Parents can relax safe in the knowlege their children are viewing responsibly and socially.
nos meubles sécurisés

Safety first!

All our furnishings are secure with flame retardant M1 materials, designed with rounded edges and supplied with 6mm laminated glass suitable and durable for kids to use in public areas.

Which Media terminal?

TV stand or wall mount?

At Kylii Kids we can provide a full design consultation for your media zone.
Please contact the team for further information.

Which Media terminal?