Let the treasure hunt begin!

Add a new digital game experience easily to your existing structures thanks to
Kylii Quest Challenge !

Digital, physical and fun, Kylii Quest Challenge is an interactive treasure hunt. Boxes are hidden in your indoor park and children have to find and check them using their band to increase their ranking on the score screen.

Kylii Quest comes with 6 thematic missions (pirate, spy, futuristic, magic, medieval, detective) to fit with your park thematic or to change and renew the games all year round.

A birthday option to play as a team !

With the Kylii Quest Birthday option, you privatize the treasure hunt for your birthday options.

This birthday option doesn’t mobilize your staff. Children are automatically divided into teams by scanning their bands on the kiosk and can follow their team’s ranking in real time on the score screen!

How it's work ?


Distribution of the bands on additional sale or not.

RFID Game boxes

Installation on your existing structures or on your walls.

Scoring Kiosk

To follow ranking in real time & to administrate the game.

Play, move, run, jump!

Who said that interactive play rhymes with passive? At Kylii Kids, we design and develop digital game solutions where children are fully involved in their experience.

According to several studies published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, scientists have recognized the positive impact of active video games on children and adolescents. By increasing motivation and pleasure, interactive games would promote more regular sports practice.

That’s why with the Kylii Quest challenge, we’ve come up with a whole new interactive activity where all the senses are put to the test! Observation, orientation, coordination, memory, logic and team spirit are essential to discovering all the secrets that your park holds during the game!

 Play, move, run, jump!