Build an interactive gaming space in your shopping centre/mall

Shopping, leisure, relaxation and fun… become a family friendly destination!

An interactive kids zone in your shopping mall or within an anchor store draws in the family market and increases footfall. Providing the facility for children to have fun and let off steam allows parents and carers to relax, positively influencing spend behaviour and increasing return customers.

This recognition and investment will appear to your existing and future tenants.



Why install digital games?

“In 1934, a child remained concentrated on average fifteen minutes; today he is confined to five minutes” (Philippe Meirieu, specialist in education sciences and pedagogy).

Kylii Kids solutions have been designed to capture the attention of our “zapper generation” with technology that meets their expectations.  Promoting active and social play the whole family can have a positive outing in your mall.

Where are the key areas benefitting from a kids zone within the mall environment?

Welcome families, engage young customers and direct traffic around your mall by strategically placing children play areas:

Supermarkets top the charts for family visits

With 56% of households visiting supermarkets once or twice a week (

60% of 4-14 year olds accompany their parents at least once out of every 2 visits.

Source: Nova CHILD, The role of the child in the distribution venues of 18 November 2016.

Supermarkets top the charts for family visits

Our clients

They chose to equip their shopping centers with Kylii Kids digital children's:


The monsters invaded the Italie Deux shopping center in an interactive games area with augmented reality and tactile games in custom-made furniture


Kylii Touch touchscreen boxes animate the Intermarché Friville-Escarbotin and Le Neubourg shopping arcad.


In the service area of ​​Auchan Englos, children can relax with two touch-sensitive game desks, just for them.


E. Leclerc Saint-Médard-en-Jalles triples the joy of children with interactive play desks, augmented reality and a PMR device.


The Hérouville shopping mall becomes digital with interactive floor Kylii Kids
  •  Hammerson
  •  Intermarché
  •  Auchan
  •  E.Lerclerc
  •  Carrefour